Remnant 2: Should You Give the Custodian the Eidolon Shard or Craft the Spectral Blade?

The Custodian needs your help in Remnant 2, but you have a choice to give him the Eidolan Shard or use it for yourself.

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The Custodian is one of the Guardians watching over N’Erud in Remnant 2. This world has seen far better days, and it’s a world that’s essentially a ship. The Custodian needs your help in gaining control of the ship, and the only way to do this is by getting access to it with the Seeker Keys.

After you have all the Seeker Keys, there will be a world boss that you’ll have to fight that will have the Eidolon Shard. This is the item the Custodian has been looking for, and you have the choice to bring it back to him or not. Should you give the Custodian the Eidolon Shard or bring it back to Ward 13 and craft it into the Spectral Blade in Remnant 2? Here is what you need to know.

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What Happens When You Craft the Spectral Blade in Remnant 2?

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During my first playthrough, I didn’t even think about giving the Eidolon Shard to the Custodian in Remnant 2. It had been my first world, and I was sucked through the Red Crystal to check out the Labyrinth, and then other worlds unlocked for me. I crafted the Spectral Blade using the Eidolon Shard back at Ward 13, again, not realizing its importance and began running around with my new weapon, pretty happy with myself. I did not think about the consequences, or what I had just done.

I couldn’t do that when I attempted to return to N’Erud. The entire world was cut off from me, and when I attempted to interact with any of the locations, I could not visit any of them except for a new area called Alepsis-Taura. It’s the only location you can visit after this event, preventing you from checking out anything else.

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However, at the center of Alepsis-Taura in Remnant 2, there’s a Relic you can find. It’s a relic called Void Heart. On use, it reduces the incoming damage by 50% for four seconds, and when the buff ends, it heals 115% of your missing health over 0.75 seconds. It comes with the standard three relic fragment slots, giving you the chance to customize it.

The other reward for going down this route is the Spectral Sword, a melee weapon that does 53 standard damage, has a critical hit chance of 8%, weak spot damage of 105%, and a stagger modifier of -25%. It also comes with an ability called Whirlwind, and when performing a charged melee attack during a Neutral Backdash, it creates a whirlwind of slashes that strike all enemies within 8 meters for 91 damage.

What Happens When You Give the Custodian the Eidolon Shard in Remnant 2?

The other option is to find the Custodian again on N’Erud and hand him the Eidolon Shard. This choice does not lock N’Erud, giving the Custodian access to the ship, and he can now control things in Remnant 2. As a reward, the Custodian gives you the Donwgraded Ring, which, when wearing it, you’ll receive 5% less damage for each negative status on an attacker, and you can stack this four times. This is the only reward for making this choice, alongside being able to explore the rest of N’Erud if you missed anything.

What is the Best Choice in Remnant 2?

Between the two choices, I was happy that I used the Eidolon Shard to make the Spectral Blade. It’s been a valuable addition to my arsenal in Remnant 2, and the Relic, the Void Heart, is another good choice. Both have been extremely useful. This option is better than the Downgraded ring, which feels like a lackluster reward. However, you can freely explore N’Erud and continue to visit this world, which is a huge plus.

It’s important to note that after you make a critical decision like this, you can reroll your entire campaign with your character and start over again at any time in Remnant 2. You can do this immediately, making this decision and getting your rewards, or make it to the end of the game and make the other decision in a new campaign.