Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Beat The Unclean One


The bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes are no pushovers. You need to earn their respect by learning the patterns of their fight, what variety of weapons damage them the most, and how to abuse their weaknesses. This time around, we’re going to cover how to combat The Unclean One. You’re going to encounter them on Corsus, specifically in The Shack. For those who want to complete everything you can do on each realm, you’re going to run into this boss at some point. Here’s how you go about defeating them.

How to Beat The Unclean One in Remnant: From The Ashes


The Unclean One has a large hammer it’s going to use throughout the fight. It does not resort to using any other option. You’re going to see it using the hammer as you walk into the shack, and get treated to a quick cutscene. When the cutscene is over, the boss is on the other side of the room. You’re free to fire at it while it’s closing the distance.

There are two weak points you need to keep in mind: the head and the rear. The rear is a bit more of a complicated of a target but is suitable for players who go into the fight with a party. However, many are going to resort to aiming for the boss’ head for a majority of the battle.

The primary attacks The Unclean One uses is a leaping hammer strike, a burst run forward charge, and another forward hammer strike. It’s a slow-moving boss, but when it attacks, he rushes forward in a quick burst. He does not resort too many fancy tricks during the engagement, but he is continually destroying the walls of The Shack. You don’t want to rely on the cover forever.

Every so often, it does throw its hammer at you. This attack doesn’t show up too often, because of the weapon its primary attack. You’re going to see it more often when the creature has less health. After it throws the weapon, it needs to pick it back up, making the hammer throw an excellent time to unload everything you have on it.

You’re going to notice minions showing up throughout the fight. They’re tentacle monsters, covered in what looks like orange, glowing fungus. The Unclean One does not summon them, but they come from the jars throughout The Shack. If you don’t want to deal with them, make sure to avoid hitting these jars. But because The Unclean One is rushing through the area, destroying the walls, it’s going to bring them out for you. Clear these out as quickly as possible.

As you start to widdle down the boss’ health, he’s going to grab the hammer with both hands and start swinging in a full circle around him. When this happens, things can get a little complicated for players who are by themselves. It’ss going to focus on a single player in the party, swinging the hammer and moving towards them. This attack allows other party members to run up behind it and start firing at its rear while clearing out any minions running around. He does not continue swinging forever. When he finishes, he’s going to resume his routine, bursting hammer strikes.

Those are all of the notable attacks players need to know about for the fight. The Unclean One does not do anything fancy. This boss fight is a straightforward engagement but can prove troubling for players who are doing this by themselves.

Preferred Weapons

This battle is a close-quarters environment fight, meaning players are going to want to bring in the weapons they feel comfortable hitting close-range. The shotgun is an apparent go-to option, for the primary threat. You don’t want to rely on it, though. To help take out the minions quickly, you may want to have the submachine gun or the Spitfire to take them out for a secondary weapon.

You probably do not want to use your melee weapon here, because you’re going to find getting close to the minions or a boss is a lousy option. You want to keep your distance as much as possible, watching those hammer attacks.


For completing this boss fight, you’re going to receive an Unclean Heart, the trait Glutton, 1050 scrap, and five Lumenite Crystals.

You can use the Unclean Heart to craft the crossbow, the Devastator. The Glutton trait increases your character’s consumable use speed by 2.5 percent for every point you put into it.