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Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Beat Mangler

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

The Mangler boss fight in Remnant: From the Ashes is uncomplicated, but it can still be tough. Learn how to take down this boss and its minions in our guide.

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Mangler is one of the most straightforward bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes, but that still doesn’t mean the fight is easy. You can find Mangler on Earth, usually as the second to last boss.

Taking on bosses solo is always a difficult undertaking, and that’s especially true for Mangler. While this boss doesn’t have any particularly powerful attacks, it’s extremely tenacious and hard to outrun, and it spawns armies of allies to overwhelm you. Playing with a group turns up the difficulty, but it also gives you help taking down the huge amount of enemies that will fill the arena and helps to keep you from getting stabbed in the back.

The best gear to fight Mangler

At the point in the game where you reach Mangler, you’ll have limited options when it comes to gear, but there are still some solid choices that will make the fight a little easier. For weapons, you’ll want to choose something good up close. The Scrapper’s shotgun and Ex-Cultist’s coach gun both fit the bill here, and you can buy either at Ward 13. The coach gun does a bit more damage, but the shotgun gives you way more shots before needing to reload. There’s no perfect handgun for this encounter, but the magnum and SMG are both decent upgrades over the starter pistol.

Your mod options are similarly limited, but there are two standouts. Hunter’s Mark will let you see all the Root Hollow enemies that Mangler summons clearly, which is quite helpful since they tend to blend into the environment otherwise. It will also let you see the Mangler when it’s emerging from the ground so you can prepare yourself for when it comes topside. You can purchase Hunter’s Mark at Ward 13 if you aren’t playing a Hunter.

Rattle Weed also works great for this fight. You can purchase this by trading in the Shadewood that you get from fighting Shroud at Ward 13 (assuming that Shroud showed up in your campaign). Rattle Weed summons a small plant that draws the attention of nearby foes for 10 seconds, making it great for getting adds off your back so you can heal or take them out quickly.

Mangler seems to be quite weak to fire, so don’t neglect to use Hot Shot if you have it, but dealing damage to the boss isn’t usually the most challenging part of this fight. If you find you’re having trouble killing Mangler, but the adds aren’t giving you too much trouble, try swapping this mod in for Hunter’s Mark.

Mangler attacks and phases

When it comes to the fight itself, there’s not much nuance to it. Mangler will start the fight no larger than the many Root Hollow minions he spawns but grows throughout the fight. Its primary method of attacking is just rolling at you like a sentient bowling ball, flanked by its allies. As the fight goes on, Mangler will grow in size and start to leap at you before performing melee attacks.

The only real strategy here is staying out of the way. When Mangler is on the field, it will immediately start attacking, but quickly back off to hide underground after a few seconds. Each time it emerges, it will also bring friends. Try to keep a good balance between killing the Root Hollow enemies it spawns and damaging the boss itself because if you only focus on killing the minions, you’ll never get a good shot at Mangler.

Don’t be shy about using healing items when you’re sure the field is clear because you won’t get much of a chance to do so once Mangler and his crew appear. If you get surrounded, you can go down very quickly, and since this fight doesn’t last long if you’re doing everything right, you don’t need to worry about conserving Dragon Heart charges.

Mangler boss fight rewards

Killing Mangler will grant you the Hollow Seed, which lets you craft the Seed Caller mod. This mod enables you to call in a Root Hollow of your very own to vex your enemies for 30 seconds. As far as we know, there’s no alternate kill method for Mangler.

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