Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Get the Void Armor Set


Remnant: From the Ashes is packed with hidden weapons and armor. You can find many of them by searching through your surroundings and smashing every crate and bookshelf that gets in your way. But some require you to solve actual puzzles. That’s the case for the Void armor set, an intimidating looking bit of gear that helps you survive the harsh, irradiated desert wasteland of Rhom.

Finding the Monolith

To find the Void set, you first have to reach the Monolith checkpoint on Rhom. You come across it naturally as you play, as long as you make sure to explore every path. Because the game’s layout gets procedurally generated, everything does change. There’s no distinct area to find the Monolith, but with such a unique name you’re going to know when you’ve found the location.

The checkpoint is directly in front of a structure like a tall, thin pyramid with a door that you can’t open — yet. If you face away from that door, you’re going to see a tiled courtyard and one particular metallic square in the center etched with strange runes. On the other side of the courtyard is another pyramidal building with a destroyed top half that you can explore, but it’s not part of the Void armor puzzle.

Metallic tile puzzle in Remnant

Solving the Tile Puzzle

Starting from the metallic tile in the center of the courtyard, facing away from the locked door (toward the crumbling pyramid), move one tile to your left. You’re going to notice it sinks into the ground. Now, you have to step on a particular sequence of tiles to complete the puzzle. Stepping on any other resets the pattern and summons powerful enemies to your location.

You’re going to start the sequence by keeping the same orientation you start facing. The crumbling building is ‘up’ and the locked door is ‘down.’ Now, follow these steps:

Starting from the metallic center square, go left three tiles, down one, left one, up one, left one, up one, right two. At that point, the tiles should reset, but instead of summoning enemies, it causes the center tile to descend into the ground.

Tile puzzle solution

Crafting the Void Armor Set

Drop down, and you’re inside a chamber that’s far more advanced than the surrounding area. Go up the stairs at the end of the chamber, and you’ll find a pedestal with a button you can press to open a crafting interface. The interface lets you craft the Void armor. You’re going to need 15 Lumenite Crystals to craft the whole set.

Void armor set crafting window

Aside from looking cool, the Void set has an excellent armor rating and is highly resistant to all elemental damage aside from Rot. You should not need to worry about Rot damage, right now. The armor also has a set bonus to increase your damage for a short time after you take a hit.

The only downside is that it’s heavy, and wearing the full set gives you a pretty significant penalty to stamina. If the hit to stamina is too much, you can wear the head and leg pieces to receive robust defenses while keeping you at a medium weight.