Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Get The Sniper Rifle


Remnant: From The Ashes has a lot of different weapons that will enable you to play in different ways. The Sniper Rifle is great for people who like to fight from a distance, and don’t want to worry about damage falloff too much.

Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Get The Sniper Rifle

Remnant: From The Ashes Sniper Rifle Location

To get the Sniper Rifle, you need to play through the game until you exit the subway tunnels and come to a church. There are no real directions to give you here; you progress with the story until you come to the correct point in the game. The church will have a fog door, which means a boss fight is waiting for you on the other side. Make sure you are well equipped to take on a mob because this is a boss fight with a twist.

When you enter the church, you will find a woman who is trapped in a tree, talk to her, and agree to free her. As she tries to use her power to break free from the tree, a mob of enemies will show up, and try to kill her. You will need to protect her. It is fairly basic except for two parts. About a third of the way through, some crossbow-wielding enemies will spawn at the back of the room. These won’t focus you, instead of firing shots at the woman. You need to take them out fast, or they will kill her.

After that, a mini-Gorefist will break through the wall near the woman. You need to kill it as quickly as possible, as it will do a lot of damage to her if it gets close.

Once the two-minute timer is finished, and the fight is over, the lady woman will tell you to go through the broken wall before you do this head through the door in the back at the other side of the room and make your way to the far end of the corridor. You will find a stairway leading down. Go down and grab the green items, but make sure you break the stack of crates in the room, as the sniper rifle is hiding in the locker behind it.