Riders Republic Funkies location guide – Shackdaddys Grandpa Bike

Ride like they did back in the day.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Riders Republic is filled with unique rides called Funkies for you to collect. Some of these are rewards for completing challenges or events, while others you need to head out and discover for yourself. In this guide, we’ll explain how you get the Shackdaddys Grandpa Bike, a ride that you won’t be showing off to anyone.

Where to find the Shackdaddys Grandpa Bike

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll find the Shackdaddys Grandpa Bike out in the world in Rider’s Republic. It’s a Relic that you can discover during your travels between events. It’s located just below the major river that flows through the location, slightly above the letter A in the location’s name when looking at the map. It’s leaning against the postbox of an old wooden cabin in the woods, where one of the Shackdaddys is banging out a tune to whoever will listen. See below for a map reference for this location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The bike is Standard in rarity, and its stats are pretty terrible. However, it is good if you want to have a unique look and complete an event in a style that isn’t all about speed, tricks, or performance. This bike is for those who love to go at their own pace and don’t care what anyone else thinks.