Riders Republic Funkies location guide – Shackdaddys Adventure Bike

Take adventure to a new level.


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Funkies are unique rides you can acquire in Riders Republic that might not give you an edge over the competition but do look incredible. Some are rewards for specific actions, while others are found around the world. This guide covers how you can get the Shackdaddys Adventure Bike.

Where to find the Shackdaddys Adventure Bike

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This particular bike is a Relic that you can find while exploring the world in Riders Republic. It’s located just inside Echo Canyon, where its border meets with Gal Sherman Tree. You’ll need to move along the river in the canyon until you come across a tent and a campfire where one of the Shackdaddys is playing some music. The Adventure Bike is leaning against a rock. See below for a map reference for this location.

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You need to walk up to the bike and interact with it to collect it. It will be automatically equipped in your Funkies slot on your bike career, but you can still change it out for one of the other Funkies in your inventory if you want to.

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The stats on this bike are pretty good because it’s a Pro model. However, the air rotation rating is meager, meaning you’ll find it tough to pull off too many rotations with spins or flips during a race. If you’re not bothered about tricks, though, then this bike is fine for everything.