Rise of Eros codes (February 2023)

Codes to unlock even more goddesses.

Image via The Shadow Studio

Mobile games have gone a long way, with some of them boasting vivid graphics and intricate mechanics. Rise of Eros is a mobile game for Android and iOS meant for adult players, featuring goddesses that you can collect in a gacha-like mechanic. You can then form teams to send them into tactical RPG combat, and even dress them up (or down) as you level them up.

There are even codes that can help you along the way, and in Rise of Eros, these codes can give you all-important Crystals, Stamina potions, Gold, and more. Read on to find the list of all active and expired codes for Rise of Eros.

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All Rise of Eros codes list

Rise of Eros codes (Working)

There are currently no active codes for Rise of Eros.

Rise of Eros codes (Expired)

These are all expired codes for Rise of Eros.

  • UDZCq3kYcxQ — Rewards: 100 Crystals.
  • phiqUSgUC9 — Rewards: 100 Crystals, 1 Giga Stamina Potion, and 30k Gold.
  • USicakDecRV — Rewards: 1 Giga Stamina Potion.
  • b9B5qA72NdP — Rewards: 1 Giga Stamina Potion.
  • jExE2GR3Tst — Rewards: 1 Giga Stamina Potion.
  • 4MXgCxB7TSB — Rewards: Free rewards.
  • N9dm819UyKW — Rewards: Free rewards.
  • 7aghqttkF4j — Rewards: Free rewards.
  • iWhEdRxG8KE — Rewards: Free rewards.
  • CbzdoRJ458T — Rewards: Free rewards.
  • YhQc4JaHwpx — Rewards: Free rewards.
  • C8Y1ofuc3RX — Rewards: Free rewards.
  • Lqwnn4UB1Tr — Rewards: Free rewards.

How to redeem codes in Rise of Eros

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Rise of Eros.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. Open Rise of Eros on your device.
  2. Click on your Settings icon (cog) in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Under the General tab, click on the Redeem Code button.
  4. Copy and paste or enter the working code into the Enter Redemption Code text box at the top.
  5. Press the OK button to redeem your free code and get the reward.

How to find more Rise of Eros codes

Check back to this article regularly to get more codes for Rise of Eros. Alongside that, you should also follow the game’s social media accounts, such as the Rise of Eros Facebook page and the Rise of Eros Twitter account. There is also the Rise of Eros YouTube channel. You may be able to find new codes early through these links, as well as keep track of news about the game.

Why are my Rise of Eros codes not working?

It’s possible that some codes that you have entered might not work for several reasons. Firstly, always check that you have entered the code exactly as it was listed, with no extra characters or spaces. Also, remember that all codes are case-sensitive as well. The best way to avoid these issues is to simply copy and paste the codes from the list. Individual codes can normally be claimed only once, so you won’t be able to redeem more rewards after that. Lastly, some codes are available for a limited time before they expire, so they might have already expired by the time you attempt to claim them.

What kind of game is Rise of Eros?

Rise of Eros is an adult tactical RPG for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you can collect different goddesses with different skills to send into battle, while playing through the story campaign to unearth their intricate story. The game rewards you with ways to unlock new outfits for your goddesses, as well as with their racy animations, all rendered in advanced mobile graphics.