Risk of Rain 2 Character Unlocks | How to unlock Loader


The Skills 2.0 update release Loader into Risk of Rain 2. Loader is another returning survivor from the original game. Loader is all about getting up close and personal with enemies and bashing them. His grapple ability allows how to traverse levels quickly, and rapidly close distance. You can also grapple to enemies in the air, which his hilarious as you can build up a lot of speed while swinging, then smash something with your Charge Gauntlet ability. His passive makes him extremely tanky.

How To Unlock Loader In Risk of Rain 2

To unlock Loader, you need to finish the “Guardian Offline” challenge where you need to kill the unique Guardian of Siren’s Call. Siren’s Call is the new alternate fourth stage, so if you are looking to rush the unlocking of Loader you want to play till the fourth stage, then restart if it’s not Siren’s Call.

If you are lucky, and you can access the Bazaar Between Worlds, you can pick which level you wish to play, so that is a solid shortcut right there. Thanks to Redditor kolanko22 for that tip!

Risk of Rain 2 Unlock Loader

Once you get the level in your rotation, you then need to destroy some of the strange eggs that can be found dotted around the level. These things can be anywhere and have dozens of potential spawn points. Just explore the level while looking for three white oblong shapes in little nests. When you see them, smash them. After smashing 4 of them, you should see a message about a distant whirring, while smashing the fifth will tell you that the distant whirring is louder and a boss will spawn in.

This giant mechanical eyeball is tanky, and he hits hard. This is a pretty tough fight depending on how many items you have. Lots of other smaller metal spheres will spawn with him, doing damaging laser attacks. The Allow Worship Unit can also cast a powerful ability that will launch you into the air, so watch out for that fall damage.

Once you have downed the Alloy Worship Unit, Loader will be unlocked, and you will be able to play as him in future games.

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