How to get to Siren’s Call in Risk of Rain 2


The Risk of Rain 2 skills update just went live, adding with it a new character, tons of new items, and a new loadout that changes the base game as we know it.

On top of all that, Risk of Rain 2 also brings a new stage into the mix known as Siren’s Call. But how exactly do you access it?

How to get to Siren’s Call in Risk of Rain 2

Well, Siren’s Call is one of the new fourth stages. So where you would usually come across the lava-themed world every fourth level, you now also have a chance to come across Siren’s Fall instead.

That means that you need to hope that luck and RNG are on your side when entering the fourth level in the cycle but there is also an alternative way to load the level instead.

You can now choose which level you want to play in newt bazaar, so you don’t need to go to hell map and go straight to the new one if you so wish. But going there will, of course, cost you Lunar Coins.