Risk of Rain 2 Tips and Tricks to Surviving

Risk of Rain 2 is available through Steam’s early access program, and it’s a hot new item everyone’s interested in. It builds on the previous game by becoming something so much more, such as, instead of being a 2D platformer shooter, Risk of Rain 2 features a vast 3D world to explore with beautiful effects. The 3D world changes the game, too, as players are not forced to only run back and forth across the screen. How much does this feature change the game? Here’s a list of tips and tricks to help you dominate in it.

Tips and Tricks for Risk of Rain 2

Focus on the Portal

As soon as you launch your first game, the timer is ticking down, and the game is progressively going to get more difficult as time passes. While it’s tempting to chill around and kill enemies, you’re not optimizing your time. You need to run past them and find the portal. When you’re at the teleporter, the level’s boss will spawn, along with other enemy NPCs. Those enemy NPCs spawning throughout the entire game? They’re going to rush towards you at the portal, so killing them outright is not worth your time when you’re going to have to deal with them eventually.

However, this changes if there’s too many. If you need to thin the herd, do so, but don’t spend too much time on this.

Use Money for Chests, not Experience Points

When you finish off the level’s boss, you can leap through the teleport immediately. All of your money converts to experience points for your character. The experience points are not what you want to use your money. Instead of jumping through, spend some time running through the level and discover any chests you haven’t already opened.

You’re going to want as many items as possible, and the best way to acquire those is to open up chests and to use shrines. After you’ve defeated the boss, spend some time going through the level and grabbing what you can. You don’t want to stick around too long, though.

Increase Mouse Look Sensitivity

Because you’re consistently moving around a 3D world, the speed of your mouse is going to determine how quickly you can react to enemies shooting at you. You can do this by jumping into the options menu from the main screen. When you’re there, hop on over to the “Keyboard + Mouse” tab, or the “Controller” tab, if you’re using that. You can find it as the first option, under “Look Sensitivity.”

Playing with Friends? Use The Ping

A great thing to do in Risk of Rain 2 is to play with your friends. When the game first released, for the first 48 hours, players who purchased the game received a second copy they could send to a friend. When you’re playing, you have the option to highlight objects and notify your teammates off it. To do so, on Keyboard and Mouse, hit your middle mouse button, and on the controller, you can do this by hitting the right stick down. You can change these preset keys in the options menu, under their respective tabs.

Trouble Finding the Portal? Look for Floating Red Sprites

Due to how massive Risk of Rain 2 is, and many are still getting used to the new 3D environment exploring a level can feel overwhelming. There are plenty of new locations to check out, and that’s exciting for those looking forward to a brand new game. However, it makes locating the portal a real issue.

The best way to know you’re getting close to a portal is to look around for floating red sprites. If you notice these sprites floating around your character, you’ll know you’re on the right track, and you’re well on your way to making it through the level.

Join the Game’s Official Discord

For those who missed out on the buy one Risk of Rain 2 copy, get a second for free deal, you may feel like you won’t have the chance to play with friends who don’t want to buy the game. You’re in luck, though. The Risk of Rain 2 developers created an official Discord channel for you to join. You can jump in, meet other passionate community members, and find some willing to join you on your next run. You can join the Discord channel here.