How to unlock the Naturopath challenge achievement in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 has built its game around its challenges and achievements, offering players new items, equipment, and characters behind performing actions in-game or through finding hidden secrets.

One of the more challenging achievements on offer is Naturopath, which asks players to get through to the third teleporter instance without ever healing. But if your character is always naturally healing while playing, how on earth do you complete the achievement?

Well, thankfully, the achievement is a lot kinder then it first appears as it does not count natural healing as one of the unlock conditions. The only thing that the achievement does count is healing items and equipment.

As such, your main aim should be to get through the first three boss fights without picking up a single healing item or piece of equipment, instead of getting powerful attack speed, movement speed, and attack gaining items instead and praying you can dog the waves of hellfire coming from opposing forces. The difficulty level you do your run on doesn’t matter either, so set up a game on the easy difficulty option to better your chances.

What we did to get it was used MUL-T and rush through the bosses as quickly as possible, only picking up items that dropped naturally or through bosses to reduce the risk of picking up a health item and restarting. MUL-T has great attack capabilities and can shred through all early-game bosses with ease.

You can also use the Engineer just to have your turrets do all the work or have Huntress pick off bosses gradually from afar— whatever works for you.