Risk of Rain 2 – All New Achievement In The Scorched Acres Update


Risk of Rain 2’s Scorched Acres update has just arrived, and it brings four new achievements for you to try and beat. One of them is something you will want to do, as beating it will get you to the new character, Rex. Risk of Rain often has new items hidden away behind Achievements, so unlocking them all is the best to guarantee you have as many items as possible in your loot pool for your runs.

The four new achievements that were added to Risk of Rain 2 with the Scorched Acres update are as follows;

Power Plant

“Repair the broken robot with the Escape Pod’s Fuel Array.”

This is the achievement you need to complete to unlock Rex, the new Survivor. When you first spawn into the very first level, go around to the back of the Escape Pod and open the panel on the back. You can then remove the Fuel Array. Be careful playing when you are carrying it, as too much damage being accumulated over time will cause it to explode and kill you. You also cannot use any Equipment while you are carrying it. Now, you need to get to the Abyssal Depths level and find Rex who should be on one of the platforms you can reach with the steam vents. We have a full guide on how to unlock Rex if you wish to use it.


“Complete 3 Combat Shrines in a single stage”.

This one is down to luck, as you never know how many combat shrines are going to spawn in a single stage. Combat shrines will spawn in a group of tough enemies for you to fight, but this should be very manageable.


“Defeat the guardian of the Gilded Coast without any beacons deactivating.”

The gilded coast is an area in Risk of Rain 2 that you can only reach using a gold portal. We have a full guide on how to get a gold portal to appear that you should find accommodating. Now, the boss fight that is contained in this area is a bit of a tough one, so you might need to have a group of friends with you to help out!

Cosmic Explorer

“Discover and enter three unique portals.”

This one is pretty simple, as you need to use three different portals in the game. The Blue Portal will take you to the Bazaar, and can be activated by using a Lunar Coin at a Newt Altar. The Gold Portal has been covered above for the Blackout Achievement, and the Celestial Portal is the one you use to unlock Mercenary.

And that’s it, the four new Achievements that arrived in Risk of Rain 2 with the Scorched Acres update. If any more secrets, or hidden achievements, pop up, we will be sure to update this guide.