Risk of Rain 2 Update Schedule – What Time Does Scorched Acres Release?


Update: According to details sent to us by Gearbox, the Scorched Acres update will arrive at 8am PDT, June 25.

Original Story: Risk of Rain 2 is getting its first content update this week. On June 25 the Scorched Acres update will be released, bringing with it a new zone to play in, a new boss to fight, new monster types to deal with, and a new character to play as, new items, equipment and more.

As for exact release time, at the moment, there isn’t one. My understanding of how steam works is that game release is scheduled pretty rigidly. Due to numerous releases every day, this makes sense. The game update appears to be a different thing, and are more at the discretion of the developers about when the update is ready to go live. As such, I’ll be keeping an eye on Hopoo Games various social media channels and will update this article when we learn more about when exactly the update will be available.

This is the first content update from the planned Roadmap for Risk of Rain 2 that Hopoo Game released a few months ago. It is nice to see that everything that was listed for the update is making it into the game, as this doesn’t always happen with Early Access titles.

Risk of Rain 2 Update Schedule

On top of all the new content, the Artificer is also getting a bit of a rework. According to Hopoo Games E3 2019 reveal of the new content, the Artificer will now be able to float in the air, to be able to position better during fights. Their abilities are also getting a bit of a rework so that their low rate of fire abilities will be hitting much harder than they currently do. I find the Artificer to be fun to play, but not really suitable for longer runs, so I am looking forward to these changes.

So, all we know for now is that at some stage tomorrow the update will drop, but we don’t know an exact time as of yet. If we learn anything more, we will keep you all updated.