Roblox: How to Fix Error 769

When Roblox Error 769 rears its head, it might spell doom for your time playing for the day, but there are ways to fix it and keep going.

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There are thousands of Roblox games to hop into and enjoy, but each one is part of the same ecosystem, and that can mean certain error codes will affect any game fans play. One such error that plagues Roblox players is Error 769, and this guide explains how to fix it. However, it will require some coding knowledge, given the nature of how Roblox Error 769 crops up.

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What is Roblox Error 769?

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Roblox Error 769 is an error in the game’s code related to the teleport function. When a user creates a game and wants to enable a function that allows players to teleport from one game to another, this error can prevent them from doing so. Roblox Error 769 will get in the way of teleportation when the user hasn’t enabled third-party teleports. It sounds simple, and that’s because it is. Something as small as a line of code can cause a game to collapse if users haven’t enabled the correct settings for their game when they try to put it live. Read on below to learn how to fix the error.

How to fix Roblox Error 769

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To fix Roblox Error 769, users must enable third-party teleports. This setting can be changed by going to Game SettingsSecurityand turning the Allow Third-Party Teleports option to On. This solution has been confirmed by Roblox staff on the official Roblox troubleshooting site. After multiple rounds of code changes and solution suggestions, one was finally found, and it’s this simple change in the settings.

Without Third-Party Teleports setting enabling the teleports, the game will throw up Error 769 repeatedly and stop any players from teleporting to the desired game. It’s a safety feature designed to help users keep players within a desired ecosystem until they want them to leave. This process can help with monetization, engagement, and the concurrent player numbers of a game. However, if the desired outcome of an action is to be teleported to a new game, then this setting should be turned on, or the game won’t function as intended.