Roblox Kitty codes (January 2022)

Tons of puzzles to figure out.

The Roblox Kitty game is a blend of various cartoons. Players have to work their way through the many worlds by solving puzzles and completing tasks. The puzzles take time to figure out, but there are plenty of rewards waiting for those who work through the worlds.

How to redeem Roblox Kitty codes

To redeem any of the codes you want to use in Roblox Kitty, open up the game, but don’t start playing it. In the main menu, click on the shop option and go to where you can pick out the various character skills, weapons, traps, and other items you want to use. On the left side of the screen is a Twitter icon, and if you click it, you can input the codes you want to use.

Active Roblox Kitty codes

Here is a list of all the codes currently available. This will be updated as needed in the future. All of these codes will gran the player different amounts of Cheese.

  • There are no currently active codes for this game.

Expired Roblox Kitty codes

  • TMF100
  • Anniversary 
  • Kitty1Year 
  • ThanksYouAll 
  • MetaverseEvent  
  • SOM503 
  • ASB771 
  • GAB220 
  • Chapter11IsHere 
  • NewColorMinigame 
  • NewEnding
  • superdog 
  • gremlintreats
  • Snowi
  • NewMinigame
  • CH6ComingSoon
  • EpicCheeseCode
  • HappyNewYear 
  • CH10ComingSoon 
  • MerryChristmas 
  • CH9SecretEnding 
  • FUNhouseVlogs 
  • Daylins 
  • FUNHouseFamily 
  • FGTeeV 
  • Noodles 
  • CH8SecretEndingIsHere 
  • CH8SecretEnding 
  • YoutuberSkins 
  • AWG106