Roblox Project Ghoul codes (September 2021)

Are you a ghoul?

Will you choose to play as a ghoul or as a member of the CCG in Roblox Project Ghoul? As a ghoul, you no choice but to consume the flesh of humans, or other ghouls. However, as a member of the CCG, it’s your duty to bring these Ghouls to justice, and ensure they do not harm innocent citizens. It’s an ongoing war where you must choose a side to protect everyone potentially caught in the middle.

How to redeem Roblox Project Ghoul codes

When you want to redeem any of the codes for Roblox Project Ghoul, make sure to open up the game. Once you’re in the game, you want to click on the menu icon at the bottom of your screen. It’s underneath your account’s name. With the menu open, you can input any of the codes you want to use at the bottom. Click submit after you’ve typed it out to claim your reward.

All active codes

  • 16MVISITS! – Redeem code for lots of free Yen