SCUM military base, weapons, and underground bunker locations

The world of SCUM is full of other players looking to take you down to steal your gear and increase their standing in the game—so you better arm yourself.

If you’re lucky, you can pick up a basic melee weapon or tools to defend yourself in certain parts of the world. It all comes down to chance, though, since you can never guarantee a weapon will be in any place that you search.

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You can, however, make finding a weapon more possible by looting specific spots that house military gear, such as the airfield, underground bunkers, and police stations in certain towns.

But where can you find these items? And where’s the best place to look? Well, that’s where we come in—we’ve searched the world of SCUM to show you exactly where you need to go.

The airbase, which is heavily guarded by mechanic war-machines of death that will take you out in an instant if they spot you, is inside the light blue circle on the map above.

Don’t try to take down the mechanized war-machines because they’re almost impossible to kill. Instead, look for potential army zombies in the area that have some great gear on. If you kill them, you could get some military-grade armor to boost your defenses.

The airbase is arguably the most heavily-contested part of the map and you’re almost always guaranteed to meet another player there who will be looking to kill you before you have a chance to eliminate them.

The lime green spots on the map represent military areas that should have an ample supply of weapons. These include underground bunkers, bases, and points of interest that you should scout out as an alternative looting spot to the massive military base.

The red dotted areas on the map represent towns, or other points of interest, that might have a police station or a place where you can find basic melee weapons. They also might have other resources, such as food and water, available at them.