Sekiro: Firecracker Prosthetic Tool Location Guide

The firecracker tool is a useful instrument in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It’s easy to miss getting it, though. To find it, you need to keep your eyes open and take a look around. Remember, Sekiro was developed by From Software, the game developers who crafted the Dark Souls series, so they’re not about to hand you everything up front. They want you to work for it.

Firecracker Tool Location

Where To Get The Firecracker

You won’t have to go too far in Sekiro to locate the firecracker. It’s a little further in the game, right after you finish fighting the first boss, Samurai General Naomari Kawarari.

Progressing forward, you’re going to deal with a handful of guards in a small area. Dispatch them and continue down the path. Eventually, you’ll run into guards, and one of them is going to be higher up with massive cannon they’re going to fire at you. The best way to take out the one holding the cannon is to rush up there using your grapple, and quickly attack them.

After you finish fighting, stand where the one holding the cannon was and look at the direction you came. You should see a small little tent, with a couple of crows nearby it. It’s easy to miss this tent, so refer to the top picture to get a good idea of where you need to go.

Once you know where to go, it’s a simple matter of scaling the rocks using your grapple and getting up there.


When you get up the tent, speak to the merchant hiding within and see what they have to offer. You’re going to find the firecracker on the bottom of what they’re selling list.

The firecracker costs 500 sen, so if you haven’t located that much yet, try resting at a Sculptor’s Idol and start running through the various patrols in the area. You can also check your inventory to see if you have any coin purchases. The ones at the beginning of the game usually have 100 sen inside them.

After you’ve purchased the firecracker, return to the Sculptor, and he can attach the tool to Sekiro’s arm.