Sekiro: How To Complete the Kite Puzzle

Shadows Die Twice

Players in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice who have visited the Senpou Temple may have noticed a kite flying in the middle of a canyon. Based on the limited information, and knowing From Software created this game, may figure out quickly there’s something to this little puzzle. We’re going to break down the steps you need to complete to know to finish this little puzzle.

Flying Kite in Senpou Temple

Folding Screen Monkeys

Unfortunately, until you have completed the Folding Screen Monkeys boss found near the end of the Senpou Temple, you cannot advance to this puzzle. By beating this boss, you unlock the ability to manipulate enemies after performing a killing blow by using the Ninjutsu art called Puppeteer Ninjutsu. This ability grants players the power to remain in control of their enemy, after having killed them.

Return to the kite once you have killed the Folding Screen Monkeys, and unlocked access to the Gun Fort.

The Flying Kite

After you’ve done all of that, return to the Flying Kite on your own time. It’s located at the idol labeled Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo. Once you’re there, proceed down the path, jumping onto the monk who’s hanging out by the bridge, and then jump down another side of the cliff. You should see one of the smaller, toad-like enemies standing in front of the kite. Make sure you have the Puppeteer Ninjutsu on Sekiro.

Approach the creature, taking them out with a silent takedown. As you’re holding the beast and they’re going down, you reclick the attack button and activate the ability. It does cost five spirit emblems to use. You’ll see Sekiro dig into the side of the creature’s head with a blue aura, pushing him towards the mechanism, who then holds onto and keeps the Kite high up in the air.

Now, you’re free to scale the side of Senpou temple so you can reach the height of the kite.

Senpou Temple Large Tree

As you may have guessed, you cannot quickly teleport using the idol to scale Senpou Temple and get to the kite quicker. Doing so resets the entire area and your little helper. You need to do it on foot. You’ll find it’s much quicker if you dash past all of the patrols of monks.

You won’t need to go far, either. Do you remember an old woman talking to you about fresh fruit, who was sitting and praying next to a tree? Head over to where she was outside of the monk’s temple, just before the courtyard. You’ll see the Kite flying not too far out in front of you.

However, you can’t make it by jumping the side of the cliff. You need to climb the large tree next to you and an old woman and get to the top. You’ll need to grapple your way up there.

When you arrive at the top, you should have the opportunity to use the kite as a propelling mechanism for your Prosthetic, and you can use it to fly across the canyon to the other side. When you arrive at the opposite side of the canyon, you should find a Snap Seed waiting for you. Not only that, but a little ways below you should see the massive white snake you fought some time ago.