Sekiro: Gourd Seed Locations Guide

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Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice there are sacred Gourd Seeds players can find hidden throughout the game. These seeds go inside of Sekiro’s healing gourd, allowing him to use it more often without having to rest to reset their uses. Without these useful seeds, players may have to rely on their resurrection powers far more, which can prove difficult near the end of the game. There are nine Gourd Seeds in total, and we have all of their locations.

Gourd Seed Locations

Ashina Castle

There are two Gourd Seeds in Ashina Castle.

  • The first gourd seed you can receive is from a mysterious man who is being hunted by the Ashina in the area. Talk to him, kill the Ashina in the area, and then return to him to receive your reward. To find this man, start at the Ashina Castle Idol, run up the stairs to the top where there are four Samurai with rifles. Take them out, and they proceed to the right. When you reach the end of the small path, look to the right again, and you should see him against a wall.
  • The second gourd seed you can find in this region is right next to the Upper Tower – Antechamber idol. You run into this idol on the way up to meeting Genichio. You’ll find it in a small chest, in the same room, right around the corner.

Ashina Depths

You’re only going to find one Gourd Seed in Ashina Depths. You have to go to the Mibu Village idol and enter the village. You’re looking for the only tree that’s blooming in the area, which produces white petals. You’ll find there are plenty of enemies in the area, so if you need to take them out, do so. Return to the trunk of the large tree and claim your prize.

Ashina Outskirts

You’re going to find three in the Ashina Outskirts

  • You’ll find the first one on General Namori Kawarada, the first boss you have to face after acquiring your new Prosthetic arm. He’s a tough customer, but we created a guide for you to read to understand how to beat him.
  • The second gourd seed is right near the Chained Ogre. You have to defeat them first. Once you do, jump into the building behind the Ogre and loot the second floor. You should find it located in the chest.
  • You’ll find the final gourd seed owned by a merchant. You can buy it off of them once you defeat Gyoubu, the horse warrior. Instead of heading down the pathway where the Ashina Castle Gate idol is, turn around and go up the stairs. Turn right, and then left, and you should find a merchant at the dead end. You can buy the gourd seed for 1,000 Sen.

Fountainhead Palace

There’s only one gourd seed in this location. In this area, after you defeat the Giant Carp boss, you’ll find it in the building you open up the door connecting two regions together. You’ll know you’re in the right build by the multiple squid-like enemies you have to fight. Go to the back of the building and search for a red chest. Open it, and you’ll receive your prize.

Unfortunately, you can miss this gourd seed if you choose to honor the Iron Code and not assist Lord Kuro with his request. You can only receive this seed by breaking the Iron Code and disobeying Owl.

Senpou Temple

You’re just going to find one gourd seed in the Senpou Temple region. You’ll find it by following the game’s main path, which leads you into the temple where you have to grapple inside. Proceed to the room where the three monks are praying to the false priest, and you should see the item closer to the back of the room. Jump by the false priest, and get away with your prize.

Sunken Valley

There’s only one gourd seed in the Sunken Valley. You need to start at the Under-Shrine Valley idol, and then proceed jumping down a few ledges. Go down until you find a single rifled enemy standing near a ledge. Use your grapple on the ridge, take them out, and then proceed through the small cave. You should see a tree branch you can grapple to on the other side. Take it, and then jump to the next tree with another rifled figure is waiting. Kill them, turn to the left, and jump up the ledge. You’ll find two rifled fighters near you, one on your side and the other on a ledge. Take them out, and then jump up to the ledge to the left of you. You’ll find the gourd seed on top.