Best Tips to Optimize Sekiro’s Stealth

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

From Software changes up their traditional gameplay formula by introducing stealth in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The stealth system in this game plays a vital role for players to use to approach multiple situations. From players entering a new area to particular farming items they want, and even beating a brand new boss, players can expect to use stealth on several occasions. Without stealth, this game can become increasingly challenging. Here’s a list of some excellent tips to ensure players properly utilize this critical system, and use it to their advantage.

Stealth in Sekiro

Learn the Indicators

It’s important to understand what the indicators are when enemies see you. There are three you need to be aware of:

  • Grey, but partially filled in yellow
  • Yellow
  • Red

When you see a grey arrow pointed towards Sekiro, it means an enemy can see them, but they haven’t fully noticed them yet. You have plenty of time to get out of sight and run away before they know you’re there. The more they see you, the more yellow is going to fill this indicator.

Once it’s entirely yellow, it means the enemy is aware of your presence. They know you’re around, but they do not have sight of you. If you wait long enough, the enemies will forget about you and return to their routine patrol.

However, an enemy with a red indicator can fully see Sekiro and knows his precise location. They’re going to chase after you, attempting to take you out. You can still try to lose line of sight with these enemies, but it’s going to take longer as they’re going to follow you around as you look for a dark corner where you can hide.

Don’t Use Stealth Immediately

When you’re in a new area, you may feel tempted to use stealth to move around it cautiously. This way, you can learn where all the patrols are, their routes, and discover the best way to avoid them. While it may seem like the correct path, you’ll have a better chance of doing this after you’ve explored the area a little more.

It’s better to rely on stealth after having explored a location, and you learn routes that best suit you. Using it too soon can mean you try to take out an enemy quietly, and then a foe you didn’t see watches you do it, and they’ve alerted everyone. It’s better to clear an entire area, know what variety of enemies you’re going to fight, and then to use stealth after resting. You’ll know how many foes to expect to face, and you have a better understanding of the area.

Utilize Rooftops and Ledges

In Sekiro, players have access to a grappling hook allowing them to take to the rooftops to bypass enemies who are on the ground. You’ll want to use the roofs as often as possible to avoid simple patrols, and even use it as a method of stealth killing any that stray too far from the main group. As you progress through the game, though, you’re going to find more, tougher enemies littered throughout the rooftops, so you’re not entirely safe up there.

Another useful location you want to use consistently is the ledges. Sekiro is a skilled shinobi who can hold onto to the side of a building or a rock face for an extended length of time. Use this to your advantage, by using your grapple to get you to the top of a roof, and then dropping down to hold onto the roof’s edge, scaling by unnoticed.

Pay Attention to Sounds

Sounds play an important part in remaining hidden in Sekiro. If you make too much noise, such as jumping down and breaking a pile wood, a cart, or landing a killing blow, you’re going to make a lot of noise. The more noise you make, the more enemies are going to become aware of your presence.

However, as you continue to play the game and learn the stealth system, you’re going to find that unless an enemy watches you take out their friend, they may not hear it. It’s good to overlook and learn the directions all of your enemies are facing to pick out the most vulnerable one. Taking them out one at a time may seem slow, but you’ll find yourself avoiding large, nasty fights by dwindling their numbers.