Sequence 8 – Final Act: Kill Maxwell Roth – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough

Maxwell Roth had called up for a celebration in the Alhambra Music Hall for Starrick’s loss and also for the end of Jacob and his partnership. You need to Assassinate him before he tries to harm anyone at the Music hall in last part of Sequence 8: Final Act.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Jacob reaches the Alhambra Music Hall and finding for different opportunities: Usher(Stealth Kill), Waitress(Assistance) and Machinist(Unique Kill) to kill Maxwell Roth.

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Select the opportunity you want to perform the assassination of Roth. We are using the Unique kill. So first Infiltrate the Alhambra Music Hall, then reach the music hall’s vantage point, loot one of the mask to remain anonymous inside the hall. Before you Assassinate Roth you must kill Roth’s four decoys.

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After decoys are dead, Roth will fire up the Music hall. Now according to your opportunity you can either directly locate and assassinate Roth or use the Unique Kill.

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Once you’ve assassinated him, he will guide you with his information and kiss you goodbye. Now escape the Burning music hall to end this mission. This Ends the Sequence 8: Final Act.

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Cutscene: Starrick has gone bonkers and decided to take over the Shroud of Throne by himself and take over the Frye Twins and make the Templars survive. Meanwhile outside animus Bishop provides us information about the Piece of Eden, but she wants to confirm the exact place in Buckingham Palace.

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