Empty-Handed | Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Lara fails to get the Silver Box Of Ix Chel which was already taken away by someone in the previous mission Eye Of The Serpent. Once the final cutscene ends you will see she is running away from the cave dwellers. The next main mission Empty-Handed begins right after that. In this part of the game, your main objective is to escape and reach Paititi.

Empty-Handed Walkthrough

Empty-Handed Walkthrough

It continues from the previous cutscene where Lara was chased by cave dwellers, once they found the silver box is stolen they will try to kill Lara.

Escape The Cenote

After the last cutscene where Lara founds the silver box is gone, you have to run to escape the falling ruins. In between, you will have to avoid the creatures who will keep attacking you. This is just like playing temple run. Just keep running in a straight line, jump through gaps and hang to move on the other side.

Return To Paititi

Next, you will be swimming in the cave to exit this place. Once you are out of the water keep waling to get out. You will see the exit on top. To climb up to use the wall straight ahead to reach on top. Jump on the right wall and then on the platform on your right. You will find a dead body on which Lara will find an Overhang Climbing Gear.

Return back to the wall you were climbing before, the gear will no help you to climb further. Use Overhang Exit to reach the top. Follow the beacon to get the next climbing location. Once again using Overhang Entry will help you to use the walls and roofs to move towards the right. You will also use Overhang Lateral Jump to cross the gaps in the walls. Rappel down and swing on your right.

Empty Handed Walkthrough

Walk towards the end and once again start climbing through the walls. Once you reach somewhere on the top part, you have to jump towards the upper area above the waterfall. This is the last area of this cave your climbing, keep walking and cross the narrow entrance. On the other side jump in the water and keep swimming till you reach a barrier. Break it open the path, follow the beacon. In between you will have to hide in the grass to avoid piranhas, you can use the air-pockets to grab some breath.

The chapter is short and is over with a cutscene where Lara changes her attire to blend in Paititi. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter of Rebellion Lives. For more updates on the game, you can also go through our Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Wiki guide.