In The Shadows | Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough

The game starts shortly after a cutscene of a crashing plane. Lara is stuck somewhere below rocks and she tries to escape. The first screen prompt you will see when she uses s knife to pull out her leg. You will have to crawl up to get out of the narrow hole and you will get Trinity Badge. Next, you will play a few tutorial mission, just follow the screen instructions to control the character movement like walking, axe climbing, overhang climbing, overhang movement and overhang ledges.

In The Shadows Walkthrough

In The Shadows Walkthrough

After climbing up you will spot a beam of light falling an ancient structure with some inscription on it. This will trigger a cutscene.

Find Dominguez:

The cutscene will end at Cozumel Mexico follow Johan to locate the target. After a while walk towards the musicians and look left, there is a door in the left end where you will find Dominguez. After the cutscene is over, follow the target. Stay in the crowd and keep following him, once you are near enough you will hear him talking. Lara will get noticed the path will be blocked by Dominguez guards, walk to the right that will take you to the back alley. Keep walking and you will spot him in between. Keep walking through the alley and crawl through the broken wall.

Find Another Way Into The Dig Site:

Once you spot the target entered the dig site, the gate will be locked. Turn right and follow objective beacon. You can view it by pressing the button to activate Survival Instinct. This will help you to locate the main objective of the game. Cross the wall and there will be another cutscene.

Stop the Execution:

Lara will have a bow as the first weapon. Walk towards the red lights, and take the pipe to the left. You will spot a guard. You can stealth takedown enemies quietly from behind. Just press the key flashed on the screen. You will keep on earning XP’s for completing objectives. Next, you will learn to use a Bow, first aim it and then to shoot.

Find The Temple Entrance:

After saving the person, you can use Survival Instinct to scan things around the area, there are ample useful objects you can collect like resource containers, plant seeds used for healing, etc. You will also get a lot of items for crafting and upgrades like Salvage, you can craft destructive handheld object with this and you can also use to upgrade weapons at the base camp. It is located a bit further once you reach two stone stairs opposite each other. Look on the right corner behind the broken walls. Keep gathering these items before you follow the main objective beacon. There will be another cutscene. You will get another artifact here. After locating the temple’s entrance you have to go down.

In The Shadows Walkthrough

Walk from the left corner and jump to Axe Climb. Go down and use Rappelling to go further down. Drop on the mountain edge and walk left. Jump over the falling rocks towards the hanging rock, go left and then rappel down. Jump on the standing rock and climb up, you will see the walls ahead. Use them to go on the left corner and then rappel to go down. Use Wall Run to the right edges of the mountain, and keep pushing towards the right. Go down further and jump ahead over a rock platform to enter the cave.

This completes the chapter In the Shadows where you learned a lot about basic movement, wall climbing, rappel, etc. You can continue reading by visiting the walkthrough on next chapter of Hunter’s Moon. For more similar guides you can also check our Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Wiki guide.