The Hidden City | Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Lara was able to get through the evil trials and finally located The Hidden City in the previous chapter Path Of The Hidden City. In this mission, you will be heading into a mountain to retrieve a significant key for your next main mission.

The Hidden City Walkthrough

The Hidden City Walkthrough

In this mission you will be entering into a ritual area used for sacrificing rebels, there are two puzzles where you have to burn the barriers to open an entrance.

Find The Serpent With The Silver Eye

Jump towards the hanging platforms on the edge of the mountains and use Grapple Axe to swing to move towards the other side. Swing towards a platform on the mountain walls, and then once again swing towards the opening just ahead on the right bottom side. After landing into the cave, walk ahead and jump into the water. Swim towards the other side, and keep walking left. You will see a gap jump to the other side, and walk below the fallen tree.

Lara will talk to Jonah on phone, and she will tell about her access to the hidden city. Follow the beacon, and there will be a cutscene where you will spot a trapped kid. Lara will save him from a few cultists attackers. You will learn from the cutscene that Lara is now in Paititi.

Join Unuralu In The Market District

Follow the women the rebel leader. Follow her and there will be another cutscene. You will see Doctor Dominguez as the cult leader. Next, follow the beacon & meet the boy Etzli at the base of the mountain. He is just standing outside the entrance.

Find The Silver box Of Ix Chel

The Hidden City Walkthrough

Follow the beacon till you reach an edge, jump ahead towards the pole and swing towards the cave wall. Rappel down and swing towards your right to land on the ground. You will see more poles, use grapple axe to swing. Once you reach on the other side you can activate the first base camp inside the mountain. Go left, follow the stairs and you will find a short entry. Crouch-walk through the hole and take a broken opening from the wall.

Climb The Belly Of The Serpent

The Hidden City Walkthrough

You will begin walking over the wooden log that will break in half, jump towards the mountain wall to climb up. In a cutscene you will see Lara is surrounded by dead bodies. Walk toward the wooden pole and jump by swinging on the platform in between. Rappel down and swing towards the left and hang on the wooden cage. Climb on it and jump towards the second one. Next jump on the wall in front wand slide slowly toward right. You have to Grapple to Ledge, first jump and while air use grapple to hang on far away ledges.

The Hidden City Walkthrough

Climb above, and you will see ritual sacrifice. You have to go on that platform. Climb up and on your left you will see a opening that will help you to climb on the wall above the sacrifice area. Once you reach the wall, go down. You will hear the voice of cultist. Go right pass below a small tunnel that is filled with bodies. On the other side you will see a cultist, stealth kill him. Look on the right corner from the dead body for a painting on the wall, the bricks on its left are weak. Break it to open a path.

The Hidden City Walkthrough

This new path will take you to the Head Of The Serpent. Jump towards the rock, grapple it and swing towards the other side that will trigger Trail Of The Serpent.

Trail Of The Serpent

The Hidden City Walkthrough

Burning The Barrier 1: The barrier is blocking the entrance to burn that, go on the left side of the barrier and you will see a wooden panel with white rope on it. Shoot rope arrow and pull it down, it will fill up oil in the front of the barrier. Now on the opposite of barrier and you will find a small monument with fire in middle. Go near the head and push it and it will open the gate that will burn the barrier. Pass through the entrance and you will spot a hole in the ground. Rappel down and you will reach a chamber.

The Hidden City Walkthrough

Burning The Barrier 2: There is another barrier on the left end. You will have to direct the oil flow towards it to burn it. First go left and there you will see two pillars, a big one you can move and a small on the right. First, shoot the rope arrow to prevent the bigger one from returning back to its original position once you move it. After using the rope, walk toward the bigger pillar and rotate it to align the path of the blood flow, check the second part of the above picture. Next cut the rope and then push it further and keep the wheel align in the exact position as shown in the third part of the image above. Return to from where you started, and look for a wooden panel with white rope on it. Just shoot the arrow and pull it, it will release the oil. Next release the fire.

Return To Unuralu’s Home

In the cutscene, you will see Lara finds the serpent and Etzil is captured by the cultist’s. They will also attack you instead of saving the boy you have to escape from the attack. Just keep running through the city to escape the cultist. This will continue until you fall from a roof. Follow the beacon to reach the Queens home.

In the cutscene you will earn about the artifact you found in the mountain. This completes the chapter. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Eye Of The Serpent. For more updates on the game, you can also go through our Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Wiki guide.