Shadow of the Tomb Raider Weapons Guide | How To Unlock All Weapons And Upgrades

There are a lot of weapons for Lara Croft to use in Shadow of the Tomb Raider from Bows to Pistols to Rifles and Shotguns. In this guide, we have listed all available weapons in Shadow of the Tomb Raider their attachments (upgrades) and where and how to unlock them. So let’s get started.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Weapons Guide

All Weapons And How To Unlock Them


There are a total of Seven bows in Shadow of Tomb Raider.

1: Recurve Bows

  • Description: A bow that delivers energy more efficiently than the equivalent straight-limbed bow, giving a greater amount of energy and speed to the arrow.
  • How to get: You get the Recurve Bow as you progress through the game.


2: Six Sky’s War Bow

  • Description: This is the bow used by the greatest Eagle Archer, Six Sky. This bow has a high Rate of Fire and Draw Speed but lacks in damage.
  • How to get: Acquired as you play through the game.


3: Serpentwood Bow

  • Description- An ancient short bow, crafted from the heartwood of an Ipe Tree. It’s Hold time and Draw speed are the highest while it lacks behind in damage and rate of fire.
  • How to get: Found in a shop in the Hidden City. Requires 4200 Gold.


4: Heart of the Eagle

  • Description – A powerful longbow, used by the Eagle Warriors of Paititi. This Weapon is crafted for improved handling. Heart of the Eagle bow is excellent in damage and range.
  • How to get: Complete the Ancient Studies Quest in the Hidden City.


5: Atlatl Bow

  • Description: A long range bow. Its construction is inspired by the same mechanics as the ancient Atlatl. The Atlatl Bow excels in damage. Useful in taking down
  • How to get: Get in Paititi city with 5,800 Gold.
  • Upgrades: Has a total of 8 Upgrades.


6: Puka Huk’s Bow

  • Description: Bow of the renowned herbalist Puka Huk, Rumored to be able to step between worlds.
  • How to get: available in DLC


7: Exiled Fox’s Bow

  • Description: A supple bow made from a cinchona tree. Its taut bowstring loses arrows quickly and deals higher damage to animals.


8: Viper Bite Bow

  • Description: A recurve bow that adds poison damage to loosed arrows.



There are 5 Pistols in all In Shadow of Tomb Raider

1: AB.45

  • Description: Nicknamed “The Altarboy” by Trinity Forces. A well-balanced pistol, good for all situations.
  • How to get: Available as you progress through the story.


2: CT S55

  • Description: A Semi-automatic pistol equipped with a high-capacity magazine. The C&T S55 has a high Ammo capacity but it lacks in damage, but that can be improved after you have upgraded it.
  • How to Unlock: Available at Kuwaq Yaku For 4,100 Gold.


3: NEP-14

  • Description: A fully automatic pistol that sacrifices power for a high rate of fire. Has high damage and is fully auto firing.
  • How to unlock: Get it by buying at Hidden City or Moraekah for 6,100 Gold.


4: J&D Model 27

  • Description: What this pistol lacks in ammo-capacity it more than makes up for with its ability to deal heavy damage.
  • How to Unlock: Get it by buying in Kuwaq Yaku for 4,200 Gold.


5: River Hawk

  • Description: A powerful pistol that deals high damage. Has a high damage effect and high recoil.
  • How to Unlock: Unlocks by completing the Side Mission – DEAL WITH THE PILLAGERS at Kuwaq Yaku.

6: K&H KAP

  • Description: Comfortable, reliable. A pistol to get you through the hard times. Has the highest accuracy rate, but has decent reload speed.

Pistol Attachments

Pistol Sight

  • Description: Has a higher zoom ratio.
  • Upgrades Available For – Upgrade option on all pistols

Pistol Suppressor

  • Description: The amount of noise while firing bullets decreases.
  • Upgrades Available For – AB.45, C&T S55 Pistols for 1,800 Gold at Kuwaq Yaku


1: Vicar Mark II

  • Description: Standard issue assault rifle for Trinity Forces. Balanced and reliable in any climate, or situation. One of the default rifles that you get in the game. Does a good in all categories except for ammo Capacity.
  • How to get: Progress through the game.


2: PN-TF 267

  • Description: A light machine gun with enormous ammo capacity, and gas operated reloading. Nicknamed the Pontiff by Trinity soldiers. Comes with a high ammo capacity and accuracy.
  • How to get: Obtained through the story.


3: WASP 11

  • Description: The WASP is best used in spray and pray situation! The focus here is on rapid-fire shooting. It has the best reloading speed compared to all other Rifles but a little low on damage.
  • How to Get: Buy it at Kuwaq Yaku for 5,900 Gold.



  • Description: Hits like a truck at twenty miles per hour. This is a powerful assault rifle, but with a lower rate of fire. Has the best Damage rate compared to all other Rifles compared, but low on Rate of fire.
  • How to get: Available at Kuwaq Yaku for 3,200 Gold.


Rifle Attachments List

Laser Sight

  • Description: Increases zoom and aiming
  • How to get: Buy at 2,800 Gold from Hidden City or Moraekah.
  • Upgrade Available for All Rifles

Rifle Suppressor

  • Description: Lowers the Rifle noise for stealth.
  • How to get: Buy for 3,400 Gold in Mission of San Juan
  • Upgrade Available for WASP 11


1: Bishop 600

  • Description – Standard issue pump-action shotgun for trinity forces. Balanced and reliable in any climate, or situation. Has a high damage capacity while it lacks in rate of speed and rate of fire.
  • How to get: Play through the game.


2: Sedgewick 707

  • Description – Side-by-side, break action shotgun. If it can’t stop what’s coming at you, run.


3: TAEV 16

  • Description – A well-balanced military issue shotgun with plenty of stopping power. An overall good shotgun to have at your disposal.
  • How to get – Buy it for 5,700 Gold in Mission of San Juan.


4: WHWS-16

  • Description: Make big holes, faster! This powerhouse military shotgun deals punishing high-speed damage. Has a high recoil and high rapid fire. Best for close combat.
  • How to get – Buy it in Mission of San Juan for 5,800 Gold.


Shotgun Attachments List

Shotgun Spreader Choke

  • Description: Narrows shot to mini shotgun slug.
  • How to get – Buy in Mission San Juan for 3,300 Gold
  • Upgrades available for – All Shotguns

These are all the weapons that you get in Shadow of Tomb Raider. For more guides on Shadow of Tomb Raider refer to our Shadow of Tomb Raider Wiki.