Shadowlands: Which covenant should you choose?

Choose the one that best suits you.

Once you have reached level 60 in Shadowlands, you will be asked to join one of the four Covenants to align yourself with for two years.

Luckily, as you go through the expansion’s story, you will be introduced to and get a good feel for each of the Covenants: Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolord, and Night Fae. You will see what kind of abilities they can give you, how they can help your specific role, their aesthetic, and what kind of characters they are comprised of.

Now, you can change your mind later on after choosing a Covenant, but that process can be rather bothersome and a little annoying, so we recommend you try to get the decision right the first time.

Each Covenant will give you unique mounts and cosmetic items, a new Signature ability, and a class-specific ability. You will also be spending a good chunk of time in your Covenant’s realm. These are all things that you should take into account when deciding which Covenant to join.

However, we recommend you really focus on the class-specific ability, as this ability is the one that has the most unique effect on your character, and especially your role.

In general terms, the following are the roles/characters that should join each Covenant:

  • Kyrian – Tanks, Healers
  • Venthyr – DPS
  • Necrolord – Healers
  • Night Fae – DPS

As you can see, there are overlaps and some roles that can work for different Covenants. Choosing between the two is going to come down your own preference in play-style. Look at their abilities and see if which ones sound more appealing to you and how you have specced out your character.

It is also important to remember that patching and updates could shift the meta of the game, which could cause alterations in the strength of each Covenant for your class and role. So if your current Covenant loses its uses for your character, there is nothing wrong with jumping to another one when those changes come.

The most important thing is to choose a Covenant you will have fun with, as well. Decide if choosing a Covenant that gives you the most strength is worth it if you just won’t enjoy what comes with being in it.

As always, weigh your options, look at the abilities, mounts, etc. that they give you, and make your decision.