Shakedown Hawaii: How to make cash fast

To make an empire, you need moolah and lots of it. Shakedown: Hawaii is a game all about rebuilding a failing empire using ill-gotten means, whether that be from earning revenue from one of your numerous revenue business ventures, or simply going up to a member of the public and taking their cash by force.

However, building up your number of revenue streams may not be the best answer to your cash flow crisis. Sure, taking protection money from every store in town will take your income up, and buying every space available will allow you to build an unrivaled portfolio of revenue streams.

But in the case of Shakedown’s quest for dominance, prioritising quality over quantity is the way to island domination. Here’s how to maximise your revenue:

Before you can do this, make sure to have unlocked at least a couple of multipliers for your businesses. You will get introduced to your first one, gift cards, part way through the story with more available by completing more story and side quests. Their role will be explained shortly.


When looking to taking over a business, the map will present to you the expected output of revenue from each property. Once purchased, you will immediately see a rise in revenue. Each icon indicator for a property available to buy will be represented by a dollar sign in front of a shade of pink, with the lighter shades costing more to buy, but typically offering more revenue from the base establishment.

There will also be ones in gold, and these will be either the best ones for revenue, required for story progression or offer multipliers that will be the boost you need to ramp up revenue.

Targeting these higher priced but bigger revenue properties is the key to fast cash. As soon as you have multipliers available to apply to your businesses, head to the Property Management page, and look for the ones with the highest revenue stream. As the multipliers require straight cash to apply them to the business, you will need some moolah in the banks to add them.

The multipliers will stack on top of each other, so if you have one multiplier that adds 1.2x to the revenue, and one that is 1.5x, they will add together to make a total multiplier of 2.7x to the revenue!

As applying these will add a multiplier to the existing revenues, the bigger the original revenue stream, the bigger the increase after the multiplier. A business with revenue of $3k a day will go up very, very quickly.

Shakedown Assets

SH multipliers

SH Assets

From there, a story or side mission will be enough time to see the next day roll on, and a new injection of cash hit you.

Keep on this same trend with the bigger businesses, and you’ll be rolling in dollar bills in no time.