Should you get the December 2021 Community Day Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Is it worth your time to grab this ticket?

Image via Niantic

The end of the year has arrived, and with it, the last big event players can participate in for Pokémon Go will be the first December Community Day event. Because it’s the last one for 2021, this will be happening throughout the weekend from December 18 to 19, with bonuses available from 17 to 20. Similar to other Community Day events, there will be a Special Research ticket called the December 2021 Community Day event. Should you get the December 2021 Community Day Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

The Special Research story for the December 2021 Community Ticket will provide you with a handful of rewards and specific Pokémon encounters for participating and purchasing it. Given how many Pokémon are available in this event, if you’ve missed a Community Day in the past for 2020 or 2021, now’s a great time to jump on them.

With the number of Pokémon with exclusive moves appearing for this event, it’s highly recommended you consider if you’re planning to participate in this event. If you do, grabbing the December 2021 Community Day Special Research is a worthwhile investment. If anything, it provides you with additional items to use during the event, increasing the chances and opportunities to capture the Pokémon you’re hunting down. Additionally, if you need more Candy or XL candy, it’s an excellent opportunity to grab them.

Overall, if you don’t usually grab the Special Research ticket, this is a practical choice because of how many Community Day Pokémon are available. You might not always receive the one you want to catch, but there’s a good chance it could happen.