Should you pet or slay Kemono in Wild Hearts? Answered

Don’t feed the pets.

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The first choice players will encounter in Wild Hearts is to pet or slay a Kemono. Like many aspects of Wild Hearts, the pet or slay mechanic is obtuse, without explaining what each choice might do. Kemono is the in-game term for the wildlife and boss monsters roaming each open-world environment. This guide will explain the difference between the pet or slay choice in Wild Hearts.

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What happens when you pet and slay Kemono in Wild Hearts

During the opening tutorial sequence, you will chase an endemic Kemono through the woods. After a short combat sequence, you’ll be given a brief guide on crouching and using stealth. You are granted a pet or slay option as you approach the deer. You’re free to choose either option, and Wild Hearts never explains if there’s a difference. The choice to pet or slay Kemono will grant you different crafting materials, some of which are exclusive to each option. You can’t pet the Giant Kemono you battle against, so don’t hurt yourself trying.

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Wild Hearts features a bevy of crafting materials and parts you can earn from bosses and endemic Kemono, such as deer, wolves, and other small animals. You can pet every small Kemono in the game, which will cause them to drop materials for you. You can also slay these beasts and finish them off to gain a different material.

How to pet animals in Wild Hearts

Earning materials is how you will build all your armor and weapons in Wild Hearts, and since resources are scarce, we suggest you check the Cyclopedia to determine if you should pet or slay each Kemono you come across. Petting monsters is more challenging to do than outright slaying them. To pet an animal in wind Hearts, you have to crouch and approach them from behind, and you will be prompted to hit L2 and pet them.

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After you pet the creature, you can try to slay it as fast as possible. This may seem not kind, but doing so will allow you to reap the benefits of both choices. Wild Hearts will track how often you’ve petted or slayed each creature.

Once you reach Minato, you can receive bounties that require you to pet or slay a certain number of enemies. You can also access the information tab in the menu to view each small Kemono and what they will drop if you pet or slay them. Take advantage of both options to craft strong armor and weapons for the giant Kemono that awaits you.