How to get Corestone in Wild Hearts

Track down this rare material.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Corestone is an invaluable crafting material required to build almost everything in Wild Hearts. Armor and weapon crafting is a vital aspect of Wild Hearts gameplay, and the resources are often split between a monster’s parts. Materials are hidden in each open-world environment. Farming this material can be tricky, so this guide will help you get Corestone in Wild Hearts.

Where to find Corestone in Wild Hearts

Corestone is one of several types of ore players can gather in Wild Hearts. Although it seems like every other material, we suggest that you think of Corestone more like a currency than a standard crafting material. It is used when crafting some armor pieces, but purchasing weapons, a lot of weapon upgrades require Corestone. This resource can quickly spread thin, considering how many upgrades this vital resource is tied to.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Find Corestone in open-world levels

Corestone can be found in various ways, thankfully, but keeping up with earning it is never explained in the game. The first and easiest way to get some is to go and find it. Corestone can be found in all four open-world levels. Reference the image above to see what Corestone nodes look like in the game.

Get Corestone as reward for targeted hunts

Corestone is also a common reward for targeted hunts. Build a campfire, then select which Kemono you want to hunt. You will see a list of rewards with Corestone listed. These hunts can be repeated to your heart’s content and will be an excellent way to build up Corestone and monster parts in the process.

Get it from Skill Tree

We suggest you purchase the Tsukumo Ore Shrine Dragon Karakuri building from the Karakuri skill tree. When you create this structure, it will passively earn you materials and ore from the local area. Build as many of these as possible to keep making a steady supply of Corestone and other rare ore that you can use to augment your weapons and armor.