Should you tell Gabe about your past or your powers in Life is Strange: True Colors?

What path to take?

Screenshot by Gamepur

In the first chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors, Alex has moved to a new town in Colorado to live with her brother, Gabe. Everything seems to be going fine on the first day until Mac shows up and attacks Gabe. With her empathetic powers, Alex feels his anger and attacks Mac and then punches Gabe when he pulls her off him. Later on the rooftop, this leads to a conversation between Alex and Gabe, and a significant choice is brought up. Should you tell Gabe about your powers or tell Gabe about your past?

Before we begin, this decision does not have a large impact on the rest of the chapter but will greatly change the conversation and may affect the game further down the line.

If you tell Gabe about your past, Alex will talk about how she thinks she is broken and how jumping between foster homes affected her. Gabe will eventually offer Alex a matchbook with one match remaining and a message saying “Never give up” inside. It was the last match he got in juvie, and he carries it with him wherever he goes.

If you instead tell Gabe about your powers, Alex will talk about how she sees people’s auras and can feel what they are feeling. Gabe will talk about how she is a superhero, and the conversation will stay on that topic. Gabe will not give you the matchbook in this path.

After that, the rest of the chapter will play out the same. Ryan will come, and the three of you will head to the mines to try and find Ethan.