Smite: The Best Maman Brigitte Build

Maman Brigitte has arrived in Smite, and this guide covers the best way to play her and how to give her the best build.

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Maman Brigitte has arrived to Smite. She’ll be available for players to try out following the arrival of the 10.10 update, Protector of the Dead. She’s a mage, but she’s a unique one made entirely to be used in the Jungle.

Optimizing this Mage for a unique role can be challenging. You can do this in Smite in a few ways, and it all comes down to picking out the best Starter Items, Recipes, Item Builds, and Abilities to make the most out of her. This guide covers the best Maman Brigitte Build you can use while playing Smite.

How to Build Maman Brigitte in Smite

Image via Titan Forge Games

Although Maman Brigitte is a Mage, she was made for the Jungle. That means when selecting her, you want to think about how you will rotate around the map and help out your teammates with increased mobility. You aim to chase down enemies, hit them with some of the most brutal attacks you can, and then return to the Jungle for each Smite Match. This guide will cover how to use Maman Brigitte in the Jungle rather than in the Mid lane.

The Best Relics for Maman Brigitte

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Regarding selecting a Relic for Maman Brigitte, I would go with Purification Beads as your first item. This is a great choice to ensure that an enemy attack can’t root her or lock her in place, making it easy for her to get eliminated during your Smite match.

For the second option, I’d go with Blink Rune. This is one of the core choices for most Junglers during a Smite game, making it much easier for you to surprise opponents by teleporting to your position. Although these would be my choices, others include Cursed Ankh, Heavenly Wings, Aegis, or Horrific Emblem if you’d like to switch things up.

The Best Starter Item for Maman Brigitte

Next, let’s consider the Starter Item for Maman Brigitte. Because you will be using her for the Jungle Role, I recommend using Bumba’s Dagger. Every time she takes out a Jungle camp, she restores Health and Mana, making it easier for her to destroy bases and rotate around the map. However, I can also see an argument for a build optimizing her basic attacks, in which case Eye of the Jungle could be a better choice, depending on how you play her.

Maman Brigitte Ability Level Order

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Now, when playing as Maman Brigitte, you’ll want to go with a specific leveling order for her abilities to make sure you can get the most out of her during your Smite match. This is my preferred order to level her abilities while playing.

  • Party Tricky: 2/15/16/18/19
  • Madam Fangs: 1/3/6/7/10
  • Spirit Seize: 4/8/11/12/14
  • Explosion of Souls: 5/9/13/17/20

The Builds Items & Builds for Maman Brigitte in Smite

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Now, we reach the real part of Maman Brigitte: what items to give her and how to optimize her build. With Maman Brigitte being a Mage in Smite, it all comes down to optimizing her abilities so she can hit fast and harder during a match. This is my preferred setup for a generic build for Maman Brigitte when you have her in the Jungle.

  • Bumba’s Hammer
  • Spear of the Magus
  • Gem of Isolation
  • Soul Reaver
  • Doom Orb

You go with Maman Brigitte in many different ways, but you want to optimize the amount of damage she can output and how much you can overwhelm the enemy during your Smite match. If you’re fighting against those who can do a lot of healing, you’ll want to swap out some items for Healing Reduction options, such as Divine Ruin, one of the only choices you get for Mages.

Next, you might want to acquire more Lifesteal items for your Maman Brigitte. You can select from many more choices in Smite, and these are some of my favorites to use in your build.

  • Bancroft’s Talon
  • Typhon’s Fang
  • Soul Gem
  • Polynomicon

Finally, when building Maman Brigitte, the last thing you might consider is some form of items to help make her resistant to damage. Although she’s a mage, there are some decent choices you can swap into your build to turn into defensive items. I don’t always recommend these for Mages in Smite, but they might work for you.

  • Magi’s Cloak
  • Pridwen
  • Talisman of Energy
  • Genji’s Guard
  • Abyssal Stone

Maman Brigitte is a unique Mage in Smite. Remember that you’ll pick her for the Jungle role rather than the Mid Lane, and you should do fine when using her in every Smite match.