One That Got Away | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough | Defeat Martin Li

 One That Got Away | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough | Defeat Martin Li

Spider-Man failed to stop Martin Li in the previous mission Collision Course. In the next main mission The One That Got Away you will be dealing with Martin Li. There is a big fight, first, you will play as Mary Jane who is at Grand Central investigating a fair, which is later hijacked by Martin Li. He also plants a bomb as MJ you have to defuse it and then you will play as Spider-Man and fight with Li.

One That Got Away Walkthrough

The One That Got Away Walkthrough

The main objective of this mission is to first defuse a bomb that will trigger Devils Breath attack planted by Martin Li and then as Spider-Man you have to stop him.

Look for Li:

As Li escaped with Devils Breath, Yuri will give you a lead. Next Dr. Michaels will call you and he will tell you about Devils Breath. It is a bioweapon that can affect population on large scale. Go the marker, there will be a cutscene after which you will switch to Mary Jane.

Examine Oscorp Display:

In the building below you will see lot of Oscorp’s display. Just keep checking all of them one by one till you get the marker to observe a Gaia Microbe Dispersal Device. This will trigger a cutscene, where you will see Martin Li. He will lock the building with hostages inside. Look around to warn Spider-Man for patrolling drones. Look on your backside on the top for exit point near a flag.

Look straight towards the clock and press the circle key for distraction. Quietly walk towards the tablet next move to the next marker. Once Spider-Man takes the guard down walk towards the second one. Take the stairs and go left. Once you spot the drones use the tablets to disarm them.

Return to the bomb:

Distract the guards around and press circle to signal Spider-Man to take them down. Keep following the maker below there will be more guards. Go slow and stay behind objects. Once you are back in the hall distract the two guards and take them down one by one. Walk from the left corner, and play slow. First, distract the guards and then press the circle key to signal Spider-Man. Once you are close enough you will see Li will appear with his men.

Press the Circle key once again to signal Spider-Man who will pull up a huge display. One of the guard will trigger the bomb timer, go towards the bomb. Press L to rotate it, you will have to unplug the wire from the battery first. Rotate the bomb as show in the image below and press X to Detach. This will pull out the first wire, you can find the solution to defuse bomb in the below image. The rotate the bomb in proper way and detach the wires.

Defuse Bomb Spider-Man

Clear a path for hostages:

You will switch to Spider-Man now and you have to clear a path for hostages to escape. You will have to clear the enemies below, one by one so that hostages can escape. Just scan the guards and target those who are having safe marked on them. Once you are done clearing enough of them MJ will take them out. You will be now fighting with a group of Daemons. After you are done beating down the first group there will be another one with a rocket launcher. Defeat them and then walk towards the marker to face Li.

Fight Martin Li:

As you begin to fight, you can release a few combos in the start. When he moves his hand to stay away from him. He will release some powerful melee attacks. You can web him down and attack him once again. A lot of your gadgets are not going to work here. Keep hitting him until you throw up in the second compartment with two Daemons in it. Li will absorb their powers and this is the second phase of the fight.

Martin Li will be more powerful than before, you cannot go near him and attack. He is going to release some really powerful attack all you have to do is a dodge. Just keep on dodging, once he stops you will see a Square key sign, press that to attack. Once again Li will release some really strong attacks one after another, dodge it and wait for the key to appear.

Eventually, Li will pin you down, while kicking on your face press the Square key to tackle it and then press it again to hit him. After getting electrocuted he will be lost consciousness. Now your next big task is to stop the train.

Press R2 and L2 continuously to trigger a cutscene which will show that this plan fails to stop the train. Next press Square key where Spider-Man pulls out the train tracks and divert it towards the road on top. This completes the mission where you will earn 3500XP, Level UP, +10% Melee Damage and a Skill Point.

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