Strong Connection, Collision Course | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

Strong Connection, Collision Course Walkthrough

In the previous Uninvited, as MJ after investigating Charles Standish, there will be two small mission after which you will be facing Martin Li. The first two are Strong Connection and First Day. In the first one, you will play as Peter Parker and assist Dr. Octavius at the lab, while in the second you will play as Miles. In the next mission Collision Course you will be chasing Martin Li who is trying to escape with Devils Breath.

Strong Connection, Collision Course Walkthrough

Strong Connection Walkthrough

You will get this mission after a short while, try playing some side-missions around. Later go to the lab.

Head To The Lab:

Go to the lab and talk to Dr.Octavius. He will tell you to check neural senses. You will get a power relay puzzle to reduce the response time. You will get three puzzles. Power Relay and Calibration.

Strong Connection, Collision Course Walkthrough

Strong Connection, Collision Course Walkthrough

Strong Connection, Collision Course Walkthrough

Go To Otto's Office:

In the office, you will see a magazine, after that the second thing you have to check is the brain scans on the board. Once done exit the lab. The mission is over, you will earn 500XP, Level Up and a Skill point.

First Day Walkthrough

In this mission, you will play as Miles for a short while who is just visiting the shelter and helping out people.

Check Miles at F.E.A.S.T:

Save Miles from thugs near the center, next you will play as Miles, go to the Shelter. You will have to quietly pass the checkpoint, sneaking below the drone. Just hack it and then quietly make your way towards the shelter. Press L2 to enter hacking mode, and then press R1 to hack. Cross the road, hack the billboard on the left to distract the guard. Take the scaffolding to the right and back the drone first. There  will be two of them. Go distract the guard below hack the car for distraction. Then go down, jump over the wall and you are out. Inside the shelter start from serving coffee. You will switch to Peter, exit the Shelter for the next mission. You earn 3000XP for this mission.

Collision Course Walkthrough

In this mission, you will be fight with Martin Li and stop a truck that to save Dr. Michaels. 

Find Dr. Michaels:

Back to the main objective, you will have to locate Dr. Michaels. Once you reach the marked location you will see a cutscene where Sabel is escorting Dr. Michaels but the convoy gets attacked by Daemons. Follow the truck, once you are on the police car break the door and then jump over the truck roof. You will be fighting with a few Daemons there.

Stop Li:

Next clear the Daemons who are shooting up from a car. You will have to fight with a Daemon with whiplash. Fight him off, after a cutscene you will be in the front of the truck fighting with Lee. Press the require keys on the screen to escape falling. Once Li corrupts Spider-Man, you will find yourself in a black and white world.

Keep following Li, he will take you through the blast area and try to pursue you against Norman. After asking to take the mast use L1+R1 to throw the mask on Li. You will be fighting, with a few bunch of enemies in this realm, along with Martin Li.

Destroy the Mask:

After a long fight, you will fight with Li for a short while and then you have to destroy a huge mass. Just puck the attack and throw it back on the mask. Once the mask is broken you will return to the same truck sequence you were playing before. In the last cutscene, you will see Martin Li has escaped with Devils Breath. This completes the chapter, you will earn 3000XP.

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