Spinda was just added into Pokémon Go— here’s how to get it


One of the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go, Spinda, has been quietly added to the game overnight by Niantic as part of a new wave of Pokémon Go quests.

As reported by Kotaku, Spinda is not available in the wild at this time and can only be caught by completing a quest found at a Pokéstop. This quest challnges players to land three curve ball throws in a row.

After completing the quest, Spinda will be your prize and you’ll be able to try and capture it with your Poké Balls. Niantic has not announced whether or not Spinda will be available to capture in the wild in the future, so be sure to find and complete this quest while you can.

There are currently eight different types of Spinda on offer. Each form has a distinct pattern that differences itself from the others, so those looking to catch all eight might be in for the long haul.

Spinda isn’t the only new thing to be added to Pokemon Go’s quest feature, however. The legendary Electric Pokemon Raikou from the Johto region is this month’s research reward. To get it, all you need to do is collect seven daily quest stamps to be given the chance to try and capture it.

Raikou is only available till the end of August where it will be replaced with another legendary Pokemon, most likely either Entei or Suicune, with the cycle repeating every month.