Star Wars Outlaws Release Date, Preorders, & Trailers

Star Wars Outlaws will take you to a galaxy far, far away, exploring the underworld side of the Star Wars universe.

Image via Ubisoft

Star Wars Outlaws is an open-world adventure developed by Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft, taking you to a galaxy far, far away. The game will feature Key Vess as the main character, who will be pulling off multiple heists in the underground in the Star Wars universe.

We’ve learned a handful of small details about the game and what to expect when we can get our hands on Star Wars Outlaws.

What is the Star Wars Outlaws Release Date?

At this time, we do not have any known release date for Star Wars Outlaws. We only have a release window of it releasing sometime in 2024. Beyond this release window, no further details or hints have been provided for Star Wars Outlaws, and we likely won’t get one for quite some time.

If we can base it on when we heard the announcement from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the game was officially announced during the Star Wars Celebration 2022 event, and the game was released almost a year later, in April 2023.

If the Lucasfilm developers want to ensure they keep this pattern in all Star Wars games, we can expect a similar release window for Outlaws, but we cannot confirm this; it’s merely a prediction. We’ll be learning more details during the Ubisoft Showcase 2023 event and likely more information closer to the end of 2023.

Although we only have minor details for Star Wars Outlaws, it has been confirmed it will take place between Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return to the Jedi, which is during the final years of the war between the Rebellion and the Galactic Empire.

All Star Wars Outlaws Preorder Bonuses

At this point, we have no additional preorder offers, bundles, or bonuses for the game. These details will be coming out in the future as we learn more information about Star Wars Outlaws.

All Star Wars Outlaws Trailers

The first official trailer for Star Wars Outlaws shows the two main characters, Kay Vess and Nix, a Separatist Commando Droid, who will be played by Dee Bradley Baker.