Starfield: All Armor Stats & How They Work

There are several armor stats you want to keep track of in Starfield, and this guide breaks down the important information to staying alive.

When it comes to protecting yourself from damage in Starfield, it all comes down to the type of armor you’re wearing. You want to ensure you have the highest resistances possible, and you’re taking into account the several stats attached to your armor.

There are several notable stats that you want to double-check whenever you’re viewing your armor, and if you find yourself dying a lot, it might be time to see if there’s a better set you could be wearing. Here’s everything you need to know about the armor stats and how they work in Starfield.

All Armor Stats & How To Stay Alive in Starfield

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There are three primary stats that have to do with fighting in Starfield. We have the Physical, Energy, and EM stats. These are the primary damage types you’re going to encounter against enemies as you explore the galaxy, and, from my experience, Physical damage appears to be the most common to find while you play, but Energy is another solid damage type that could appear during a fight.

Here’s how each of the damage types works in Starfield, and what type of weapons you should expect to see using them.

  • Physical: These are the ballistic and heavy ammunition you’ll find with most weapons. Many guns and weapons in Starfield have them, and melee weapons.
  • Energy: These are the energy, beam-like weapons with more advanced weaponry that you can find on guns in Starfield. These are not as prominent, but they can still appear.
  • EM: The EM damage is EMP, almost like stun damage. It’s a damage type you’re more likely to see with ships, but it’s still possible to see while fighting against enemies on the ground.

The primary armor that your character is wearing provides the largest amount of protection in Starfield. However, there are other equipment pieces you want to ensure are protecting your character, such as your Boost Pack, Helmets, and Apparel. All of these equipment pieces stack up with each other, and they provide your character with additional stats. Thankfully, they are all the same.

Should you ever feel that you want to further enhance your armor, it might be a good idea to bring them to a Spacesuit workstation. You can find this in Starfield scattered throughout the game, or you can place one down on your outpost, and use it whenever you visit. There are several mods you can add to your character’s spacesuit, giving them additional bonuses, on top of the standard defenses.