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Starfield: Can You Respec Skills, Level Cap Explained

What's the deal with levels and respecing in Starfield.

Starfield has a massive region of space for you to explore, but what about time? Is it possible to respec your character after starting the game, should you be unsatisfied with their Skill selection, or are you trapped with the fruits of your mistakes until you see the credits?

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Starfield has a standard RPG leveling-up system, where the player gains experience points from killing enemies, solving puzzles, and completing quests. Once you gain levels, you gain Skill points, which can be spread across five categories: Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech. Each of these categories has its own tiers, and each individual Skill has upgrades, so it will take you a long time to unlock your character’s potential.

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Can You Respec Your Character In Starfield?

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If you regret your initial selection of Skills, Background, and Traits, you’re out of luck, as there is no way to respec your character in Starfield. This means that once you have selected your Background and Traits, you’re stuck with the choices you made throughout the game. Luckily, most aren’t super important to the plot, and you won’t lock yourself out of anything interesting.

Can You Swap Skill Points After They’re Assigned In Starfield?

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Once you have assigned your Skills in Starfield, there is no way to get them back. This includes any points you have spent upgrading individual Skills, as well as unlocking brand-new ones. Once you have made your selection, you are stuck with them. Luckily, none of the choices are outright bad, and at worst, you’ll have abilities that you won’t use very often.

What’s The Level Cap In Starfield?

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Thankfully, you’ll always have access to every ability in the game. This is because Starfield doesn’t have a level cap! You’re free to keep going on adventures and killing enemies until you unlock every Skill and upgrade in the game. So, if you mess up and pick some bad Skills at the start of the game, then you won’t have to endure them for long, as you’ll soon be able to pick everything you want, assuming you’re willing to grind.

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If you’re truly unhappy with your starting selection, your best bet is to start over from scratch. The intro to Starfield is short and won’t take long until you’re free to explore the galaxy. If you’re deep into the game, then there isn’t much point in going back, so it’s best only to make a fresh start if you’re still in the early hours of Starfield to keep its surprises fresh.

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