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Starfield’s Severe Lack Of Spoons Is Startling Players

Starfield's trailers have a distinct lack of spoons, and players are concerned they won't appear in-game at all.

Starfield may boast a vast universe of over 1,000 planets, limitless customization between your character, ships, and bases, as well as a wealth of missions and storylines but it’s missing something. Despite various trailers – including a 45-minute showcase – Starfield doesn’t have the spoons.

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No, I don’t mean spoons in terms of energy. I mean literal spoons. Even though the Starfield Direct covered an astounding amount of content, not to mention a highlight on the chef’s backstory, players have yet to see a spoon in Bethesda’s space game.

Is this a big deal? Fans of the title seem to think so.

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Starfield Is Hiding Its Spoons, Or Has None At All

This was first posted to the Starfield subreddit by a now-deleted user. Their post read, “Forks confirmed, but still no spoons. Guys, I’m worried.”

The post was a follow-up to a now-deleted post from two years ago that asked whether spoons would be in the game and, if so, how it would impact the game’s immersion. This is because spoons wouldn’t work in zero-gravity. One comment even mentioned that sporks would be the optimal tool to conserve space and weight aboard ships.

This has led players to comb through footage to see if spoons haven’t been overlooked. In the Starfield Direct, at around 14:40, players can see a fork setting in front of a restaurant patron but no spoon. This happens again at 28:13, when the player boards a party yacht with tables holding only forks.

We couldn’t believe that spoons weren’t present in even a single frame of such a boisterous showcase, so we took the liberty of passing through it ourselves (or the 6th time for myself). And we can confirm there are no spoons.

The Starfield Direct shows several different dining establishments across several different planets, the kitchen of spaceships, ballrooms on space yachts, and not a single one has a spoon. Forks, mugs, knives, skillets, coffee makers, water coolers: the number of areas related to prepping or eating food that was shown in the broadcast is astounding… yet there are still no spoons.

While the lack of spoons has fans puzzled, it’s been the perfect opportunity for comedic relief. In response to the Reddit post, players have expressed their disinterest in a space game without spoons.

by u/CheezenGrits from discussion Forks confirmed, but still no spoons. Guys, I’m worried.
in Starfield
by u/EdwormN7 from discussion Forks confirmed, but still no spoons. Guys, I’m worried.
in Starfield

Of course, we won’t really know if Starfield is a subscriber to OnlyForks until it’s released later this year. As Todd Howard likes to claim, Bethesda is all about the little details and allowing the player to collect almost every item they see. So while it’s unlikely that spoons have been launched from the airlock, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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