Starfield Due In Full: Kill, Persuade, or Make a Deal With Dieter Maliki

Dieter Maliki is on the run, and GalBank has hired you to take care of him. Here’s what you should do as a debt collector in Stafield.

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Landry Hollifeld works the front desk at the intergalactic banking agency GalBank, and he’s tasked the player with hunting down a few delinquents. That’s right! Of all the possibilities in Starfield, you can choose to become an intergalactic debt collector.

Of course, in space, debt collectors have a few more options than they do in the real world. For instance, GalBank isn’t too miffed if the player were to terminate Dieter Maliki as they’d still get their money. That said, a non-violent solution may result in more credit for a clean credit analyst.

What happens if you kill Dieter Maliki?

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Dieter Maliki is the first client that Hollifeld asks you to track down, and he’s holed up on some dustball out in the Altair system. Within the first few seconds of talking to Maliki, it’s evident he’s ready to tussle regardless of the outcome.

You can either engage in combat via the dialogue menu, or you can shoot Maliki between the eyes before even stepping into his house. Either way, it doesn’t really matter; they both get the job done.

Report back to Hollifeld, and he will seem slightly remorseful for Maliki’s death but will pay you a handsome fee of 3,800 credits and invite you to work for him again at any time.

What happens if you persuade Dieter Maliki?

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Up front, this is the route you should take regardless of your persuasion skill level. The persuasion check is insanely easy to pass, and you get the best reward for talking him down. You have to fill four bars in the persuasion meter, and you’ll have the opportunity to accumulate five bars by selecting the easiest (green) options.

After you’ve settled his debt, return to a rather ecstatic Hollifeld who makes a point to tell you this is the way he wanted the situation to be handled. And as a result, Hollifeld throws in a few thousand extra credits for dealing with Dieter with such finesse. You’re rewarded with 6,300 credits, plus an extra 10 XP for the successful persuasion.

What happens if you cut a deal with Dieter Maliki?

starfield dieter make a deal

Hollifeld warns the player beforehand that if a deal is made with Maliki in an attempt to go behind GalBank’s back, he won’t work with the player anymore. Yet, the potential for more credits is hard for some players to pass up.

Luckily, Maliki isn’t apt to make any deals. Even though players can select a dialogue option promising to report Dieter’s death if he pays them the “right amount of credits,” he claims he’s already tried that in the past and that GalBank found out it wasn’t the truth.

The time for chatter is over, and Dieter pulls a gun on the player. Turns out, trying to make a deal on the side is just another way to engage in combat.

Don’t worry. Hollifeld never finds out about your attempted deal, and you can work for him again in the future. He will also award you the same number of credits as if you went down the normal route of killing Dieter.