Starfield High Price To Pay: Defend The Lodge or Go To The Eye

When The Hunter attacks, Starfield players must decide whether to protect The Lodge or check on their mates at The Eye.

starfield the eye

It should come as no surprise, but there are some HUGE spoilers past this point, so if you don’t want to know the outcome of a major main story plotline, click off now. As for the rest of you, here is what happens when you defend The Lodge or go to The Eye in Starfield’s High Price To Pay quest.

These choices aren’t light ones like they are in most quests. One doesn’t offer more money than the other or a special weapon. Instead, High Price To Pay decides the fate of one of the Constellation members. Which one will fight to live another day, and which will leave the crew forever?

Should You Defend The Lodge?

starfield andreja death

In short, if you choose to defend The Lodge, Andreja will die. Walter will start choking near the bar in The Lodge, and you’ll encounter The Hunter. Defeat him and head downstairs, where Noel has gathered all the Artifacts.

You will escape through a secret underground passage and run through the city as more copies of The Hunter continue to appear. You can fight them off or run past them; all that matters is that you make it to your ship.

Once you take off, you will be stopped by The Scorpius, who will tell you to continue looking for the shards and reward you with the unique Unrestrained Vengeance rifle. He will teleport away, and you can drive your ship to The Eye.

After docking, you will find Andreja lying on the floor, lifeless.

Should You Go To The Eye?

starfield sarah morgan dead

Choosing this option means Andreja will survive, but Sarah Morgan will die in her place. When Vladamir calls, he will tell you that The Hunter attacked The Eye and left Andreja in pretty bad shape. You can then choose to exit The Lodge and head toward your ship.

You won’t be attacked this time; instead, you can jog to your ship uninterrupted and fly to The Eye. There, you will find Alejandra in better shape than before, and helping her up allows her to join you as a companion. Help everyone else and board your ship to fly back down to The Lodge.

This is where you will find Sarah Morgan lying on the floor in a similar fashion to how you would have found Andreja. Sarah will be pronounced dead.

You’ll now have to find Noel in the underground passageway before making a run for it back to your ship. This will play out identically to how it does if you defend The Lodge, but when you return to The Eye, Andreja will be alive.