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Starfield The Runaway: Should You Kill or Persuade Natan, or Sell Out Rivkah

Rivkah and her father, Natan, are at odds, and it's up to the Starfield player to mend their realtionship... or end it for good.

In Cydonia, the Mars mining colony, you’ll meet a young female miner named Rivkah. After a few short words, it doesn’t take long to realize that Rivkah is dealing with some mysterious illness. While her cough sounds like something an Injector could take care of, the miner needs professional medical attention.

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That said, she can’t get it. Her father, Natan, is an executive of Reliant Medical. Rivkah reveals she assaulted her father, stole his ship, and ran away from home. Her father has sent bounty hunters after her, forcing her to lay low in Cydonia. However, with her health rapidly deteriorating, it’s up to you to deal with Natan.

Do you mend their relationship? Is Natan’s time up? Or do you take an inert route and sell Rivkah out?

What Happens If You Kill Natan in Starfield?

starfield rivkah mad kill natan

The route many players might take is killing Natan. It’s easy and is the only “good” choice left if you fail the persuasion check. When you approach Natan in Hotel Volii, he will ask you about his daughter, and from the start, you have the option to attack him. Hell, you don’t even have to strike up a conversation before pulling the trigger.

What’s better is that Natan is at a very low level, so taking him out doesn’t require much more than a standard-issue Eon. However, this is not the best option, as you get a lower payout, and Rivkah is pretty disappointed. She’s reluctant to thank you for dealing with her father and gives you a measly 1,800 credits.

What Happens If You Persuade Natan?

starfield persuade natan

Natan may have it out for his daughter, but their relationship can be mended if the player talks him down. If you grabbed the bottle of Red Harvest Reserve from Cydonia’s Broken Spear, that can be used to earn a couple of free points in the persuasion minigame. However, if you don’t have a high persuasion skill, there are ways to make persuading easier.

First, make sure to save before engaging in conversation with Natan. The persuasion options all have a chance to succeed, so you can just save scum the interaction until you are lucky enough for success.

Additionally, players can consume Hippolyta and Drink Pack: White Wine to increase their persuasion success chance.

If you succeed, you can talk Natan into reconciling with his daughter. She will be much happier than if you kill him, and that shows in your reward. In addition to the bonus XP from the persuasion, players will earn a whopping 3,300 credits.

What Happens If You Sell Out Rivkah?

starfield turn in rivkah

We lied. The easiest way to complete this quest is by selling Rivkah out. But in exchange for convenience, you forfeit all rewards and have a pretty bitter pill to swallow.

When interacting with Natan, you can almost immediately tell him where Rivkah is hiding out. This will end the interaction, and you will be told to report to Rivkah back in Cydonia. However, she is no longer there.

When you return to Mars, you’ll have to speak with Trevor (Rivkah’s boss). He will explain how Rivkah was a wanted criminal and that a couple of bounty hunters hauled her away. According to Trevor, Rivkah was cursing the player as she was carried out, and her father made it clear she would be spending time in the slammer.

As for your reward, there isn’t one. If you sell out Rivkah, you get nothing.

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