Subnautica Console Commands and Cheats

Subnautica offers a rich underwater survival experience filled with exploration and the dangers that come with. The game features four different gamemodes: Survival, Creative, Freedom, and Hardcore. Survival is Subnautica’s default experience whereas Hardcore is nearly the same but adds permadeath. Freedom simply disables player hunger and thirst, and Creative disables player survival features (so no worrying about your health, hunger, oxygen, or thirst) and allows building without materials, with all blueprints unlocked.

If you’re just looking to build and explore without having to worry about any of the survival gameplay, Creative mode is your best bet. However, if you’re just looking to supplement your Survival experience with a few quality of life improvements, that’s where those tricky console commands come in.

Subnautica offers an expansive list of developer commands, offering warping capability, toggling survival options, and more. It’s important to note that, as with cheats in most games, activation and use of these commands will disable earning of achievements. Here’s a full list of all console commands available in the PC and console versions of Subnautica.

How to open developer console on PC or Mac

Subnautica’s console commands will all work on the PC and Mac versions of the game, available on Steam. If you’re playing on a laptop, you may need to also press the “Fn” (function) key, as many laptops will have these keys bound to media controls and other laptop features by default.

To activate the developer console on PC or Mac, use the following process:

  1. Press F3
  2. Press F8 to free your mouse to interact with menu
  3. Uncheck “Disable console” option
  4. Press Enter or ~ to open the console and enter commands

How to open developer console on Xbox One

While Subnautica is not fully released on Xbox One, it is currently available through Xbox’s Game Preview (early access) here. The Xbox One version is extremely close to the version available on Steam for PC and Mac users, and all of the same console commands will work.

To activate the developer console on Xbox One, use the following process:

  1. Press RB + LB + A at the same time to open the console
  2. Enter commands


  1. Press RB + LB + Start
  2. Use Developer menu to enter console commands without typing

How to open developer console on PlayStation 4

Subnautica is not currently available on PlayStation 4, but when it is released (late 2018, tentatively), we can expect all of the same console commands to be available. We will update this section with the process of opening the console on this system as soon as it has released.

Full list of Subnautica console commands

Character commands

bubblesSpawns air bubbles around the player
cure [#]Removes Kharaa Bacterium from player and creatures in a set range
infect [#]Infects player and creatures in a set range with Kharaa Bacterium
invisiblePlayer is invisible to all creatures
killKills and respawns player in Life Pod
nosurvivalRemoves player’s food and water requirements
oxygenGrants player infinite oxygen
playerinfection [#]Sets player Kharaa Bacterium infection level (range of 1-5, with 5 curing the player)

Gameplay modification cheats

bobthebuilderGives the player tools and activates multiple gameplay cheats
damage [#]Multiples damage taken by the player by the specified amount (default 1)
daySets the map time to day
daynightspeed [#]Modifies the day/night cycle (default 1). Can be increased (shorter day/night) or decreased (longer day/night)
dig [#]Removes terrain around the player (range of 1-100, in meters)
entresetReloads all game assets.
fastbuildEnables near-instant module creation when using the Habitat Builder
fastgrowEnables near-instant flora growth when using a planter
fasthatchEnables near-instant egg hatching when using an Alien Containment
fastscanEnables near-instant scanning when using the Scanner
filterfastEnables near-instant water filtration when using the Water Filtration Machine
fixleaksRepairs all radiation leaks in the Aurora
floodFloods all Cyclops ships on the map
gameresetRolls back game to the last save
instagibToggles instagib mode, in which any damage will cause instant death
nightSets the map time to night
nitrogenLets the player stay underwater longer, but increases the risk of decompression sickness
noenergyToggles power usage for all tools, seabases, and vehicles
radiationDisables radiation
speed [#]Modifies the game speed (default 1). Can be increased (faster) or decreased (slower).
unlockdoorsUnlocks all doors in the Alien Bases and Aurora, except those which require the Laser Cutter.

Modifying, spawning, and unlocking items

clearinventoryDeletes all items from player inventory
cyclopsupgradesGrants the player all Cyclops upgrades/modules
damagesubCauses all Cyclops on the map to take 400 damage
destroycyclopsCauses all Cyclops on the map to be destroyed
ency [NAME]Unlocks specified entry in the Data Bank. Must use exact name; using “all” will unlock all entries.
exosuitarmsGrants the player all Prawn Suit arms.
exosuitupgradesGrants the player all Prawn Suit upgrades/modules.
filtersaltInstantly fabricates Salt from all Water Filtration Machines
filterwaterInstantly fabricates Large Filtered Water from all Water Filtration Machines
item [NAME] [#]Adds specified item and quantity to player inventory (list of all items)
lock [NAME]Locks specified blueprint
madlootGives the player some loot and tools
nocostToggles use of tools without requiring resources
resourcesfor [NAME]Grants the player resources for specified craftable item
restorecyclopsRestores all wrecked Cyclops to a damaged but functional state
seaglideSpawns an unpowered Seaglide in front of player
seamothupgradesGrants the player all Seamoth upgrades/modules
sizerefSpawns “Wasabi One” diver when looking at terrain
spawn [NAME] [#]Spawns specified item and quantity to in front of player (list of all items)
spawnlootSpawns an assortment of loot
sub auroraSpawns the Aurora behind player
sub cyclopsSpawns the Cyclops in front of player
toolslootSpawns some tools
unlockUnlocks specified blueprint
unlockallUnlocks all blueprints.
vehicleupgradesGrants player all common vehicle modules

Story-related and event activation

cinematicsToggles display of in-game cinematics
countdownshipInitiates countdown to explosion of the Aurora’s dark matter reactor
explodeshipInitiates explosion of the Aurora’s dark matter reactor
forcerocketreadyPrepare and launch the Neptune Escape Rocketwithout disabling the Quarantine Enforcement Platform
infectionrevealInfects player with the Kharaa Bacterium and plays infection reveal animation
playsunbeamfxPlays second part of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform destroying the Sunbeam
precursorgunaimPlays full event of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform destroying the Sunbeam
restoreshipRestores the Aurora to pre-exploded state
sunbeamcountdownstartActivates countdown to the arrival of the Sunbeam

System commands

debugsoundToggles sound
farplane [#]Changes view distance, may affect performance (default 1000)
fogToggles fog effect
fov [#]Toggles player field of view
fpsDisplays frames per second
freecamToggles noclip and allows you free look outside of your character (similar to flying)
freedomChanges game mode as specified (options: creative, hardcore, survival)
nobloomRemoves bloom effect, may affect performance (game restart needed to reactivate effect)
noshadowsRemoves shadows, may affect performance (game restart needed to reactivate effect)
printbiomeDisplays name of biome where player is currently located
schoolfishaiToggles Shoal of Fish AI
targetToggles target debug screen
vfx cyclopssmokeeffectToggles Cyclops smoke effect
vrActivate or deactivate VR mode (options: none, stereo, split, oculus, morpheus)
vsyncToggles VSync

Teleports and warps

batch [x] [y] [z]Warps player to center of a batch (different from warp coordinates)
biomeWarps player to specified biome (enter biome and press enter to see full list)
goto [name]Warps player to specified location (enter goto and press enter to see full list)
randomstartWarps player into Lifepod 5 and teleports it to a random starting spawn point
spawnRespawns player in a different, nearby location
warp [x] [y] [z]Warps player to specified coordinates
warpforward [#]Warps player forward a specified number of meters
warpmeWarps player to Cyclops, Lifepod 5, or Seabase, depending on which was last entered