Super Animal Royale redeem codes (June 2021)

More codes for your characters.

Image via Pixilie

The Super Animal Royale is an indie battle royale where you can choose to play as one of the many animal creatures to become the top winner of the match. Unlike many of the traditional battle royale titles, Super Animal Royale has you playing at a top-down level, and you’ll be able to see other enemies coming after you in the game. If you survive against the other players and become the last person standing of all 64. There are a handful of codes you can use to add more cosmetics to your game, increasing the experience, and making your character standout from the other enemies you drop into the game with.

How to redeem Super Animal Royale codes

When you’re ready to redeem any of the Super Animal Royale codes that you come across, you want to go to the COG icon on the upper right portion of the screen and click it. You then want to go down to the option that says “coupon code”, and you’re good to go. You can type in any of the codes you want and submit them.

All Super Animal Royale codes

These are all of the currently active Super Animal Royale codes. These are case sensitive.

  • CRISPRmas
  • HOWL
  • LOVE
  • NLSS
  • USA