How to skip a level in Endless Mode on Super Mario Maker 2


One of the coolest features of Super Mario Maker 2 and its array of online features is the game’s Endless Mode. Here, you can go on an Endless run of courses, where you are given a set number of lives depending on the difficulty of the courses that you have set, and you take on an Endless number of courses until you run out of lives.

What’s cool about this mode is that the courses that are being used include those that are in the Course World, uploaded by makers within the community. Because of the number of courses that have been uploaded to the service, it’s a great way to experience lots of different courses competitively without coming across duplicates or generally low-effort courses.

It’s an entertaining take on the game, and it means that exposure is given to course makers for their creations that may otherwise have gotten lost in the mire. We recommend giving it a go at least once to experience everything the game has to offer.

However, there does come a time when you may come across a course that you feel is either too difficult, low effort, or just not the type of course that you would generally enjoy. Thankfully, the Endless Mode is not ruthless like you’d expect from a Survival Type mode, and you can skip a course on your Endless Mode journey should you want to.

Via in game

To do this, you are required to be on the course that you’re playing and want to skip. Once there, similar to how using it will bring up Luigi’s assortment of Assists in the Story Mode, press and hold the – button. When doing so, the screen will shrink, and it will provide a countdown from three to one. Continue holding this, and the course will skip for you to another one.

From there, it will straight away take you to a new course, meaning you will still be at the same place you had progressed to and can now complete this one to add to your progression.

We hope that this helps and you enjoy the game’s Endless Mode.