How to wake up the Yellow Toad Builder in Super Mario Maker’s Story Mode


So you’ve picked up Super Mario Maker 2, and you head into the Story Mode of the game. Without spoiling anything, there’s plenty for you to do as you and the builder Toads set to work on making things right. As you progress, looking to the left and the right of the map will offer NPCs that allow you to talk to them and get a feel for how they are doing.

However, you may notice one Yellow Toad to the right of the Castle that is laying next to a wall sleeping, unable to be woken up. This is intentional as playing through the story to a certain point will then trigger an event that allows you to go ahead and wake him up.

How to wake up the Yellow Toad Builder

To wake him up, continue with the story, building up the 1st Floor of the Castle, and then complete the main, central part of the 2nd floor. After this, the three builder Toads that have been working on the Castle, the Red, Blue and Green Toads will have missions for you to complete before you can continue with the Chief Toad with rebuilding. They will each have a mission for you.

Red Toad needs Stone to help build the stairs to the next floor, Green Toad needs a Cloud to hop over to the left tower to continue building, while the Blue Toad needs ‘!’ blocks to make a bridge across to the right tower, and the only way they can make it is with a Purple Toad.

Each one will provide a mission to get their thing, with the Purple Toad being the significant one here. You need to have completed all three missions to continue. Once done, they will head to their positions, and the Chief will allow you to start building again. Once you have selected a build, you should find that the Purple Toad, who was close to Blue Toad initially will be gone.

Via in game

This is where you head over to the sleepy Yellow Builder Toad, and Purple Toad will be there, suggesting to wake him up with some POW blocks, and offering you a mission called ‘POW Block Wake-Up Call!’. It’s a short, but fun mission and once complete, the Yellow Toad should wake up from his slumber to offer you some more missions to do.

Happy gaming, Mario Makers!