How to unlock the Superball Flower in Super Mario Maker 2 | Superball Mario


Super Mario Maker 2 has an abundance of cool secrets, retro items, and classic power-ups for players to use. Aside from the usual that players can expect from Mario, one of the fresh items they can unlock to use in their maps is the Superball Flower. This item turns Mario into Superball Mario.

Players should not confuse the Superball Flower with Fire Flowers. The Fire Flowers item is a Sunflower power-up, where Mario wears a white jumpsuit, and he now shoots out fireballs. Both power-ups do function similarly, but the Superball Flower fires fireballs diagonally at a 90-degree angle down upon pressing the action button. The item comes from the Gameboy title Super Mario Land which used more line-art compared to the mainline Mario games. These fireballs ricochet off the surface it lands on, continuing at a 90-degree angle. While using the power-up, Mario turns grey, an ode to the power-up’s origin.

How do you unlock this cool little item to use in your levels? Well, players are going to find it part way through playing the Story mode of the game. Playing through and completing the Story Mode of the game should allow you to unlock it as you naturally play through the game mode.

After completing the job ‘Spiny Shell Smashers’ which is provided by Purple Toad, the game displays a prompt to confirm that the Superball Flower is now unlocked. When you see the prompt, you can use it in the Creation mode of the game.

Here’s what the powerup can do in the game, using the Super Mario Brother Theme.

Enjoy your new tool for creating fantastic levels.