How to turn off comments during courses online in Super Mario Maker 2


Super Mario Maker 2 is now in full swing, and the number of excellent courses online is already making the game infinitely replayable after completion of the game’s story mode. The game’s course-making tools have it so players can craft simple Mario levels or complex ones, and with a handful of new tools getting introduced in this sequel, it’s already incredibly enjoyable experience.

Players have the chance to comment about how they felt about specific parts of a track when they play someone else’s course. But sometimes, these comments are intrusive enough that you can’t see where you’re going on the course, or these comments are blocking a vital portion of the track. Some of them do hint towards the location of where you need to go, but you rarely come across a useful one.

To play your courses without the hassle of navigating these player comments littering stages, here’s how to turn them off.

Go to a course located in the Course World, and when you enter the stage, you should see the comments immediately on the screen. From here, press + to bring up the menu, and at the bottom of it next to the settings icon. You should find a button that says ‘Display Comments.’ Head there and press on this button, and it should change the symbol from a Tick to a Cross. Not only does this disable all the comments on the current level, but on every level, until you return to this menu and activate them again.

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For those who don’t mind or enjoy the comments, but want to temporarily disable them so that the course is unobstructed for a particular section, you can activate them again once you’ve cleared the part.

We hope that this helps.